YII Development

YII The Right Framework!

  • Easy way to build a website.
  • Client controlled.
  • Many plugins.
  • Easy testing and debugging.

YII stands for Yes, it is! For those who use PHP or its wide-open source circle, this framework is one of the professional, fast and secure software. PHP Yii development is used with projects of any size, scopes and considered best for all venture applications. Due to simple and better documentation, it is getting popular day by day in the market. 

It has AJAX accredited widgets which are integrated with the framework. With the help of this, developers/programmers have more commands in project configuration, according to the client’s project guidelines. The toolkits of this framework allow the developers to have smooth testing availabilities and debug techniques. 

Some of the special features of this framework are:

  • It is quite fast to build websites with this framework and effortless to support it.
  • For websites which are high-end and large-scale, this framework is a good option.
  • The code is extendable and customizable as per client need.
  • Comparatively, to other PHP frameworks, it is superior in its performance.
  • There are a lot of plug-in and modules available that made development easier.
  • Makes errors handling easy and cinch categorization of log messages.

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