Win Games of Thrones with Responsive Web Design

Win Games of Thrones with Responsive Web Design

Fri, 06/08/2018 - 14:17

Nowadays, Responsive web design is the latest adopted approach. This approach is more powerful and compatible with all modern browser which makes the website more user and mobile friendly. In this blog, we are going to discuss and understand its benefits and approach in an effective way.


1. Responsive Web Design


Responsive Web Design


The objective of responsive web design is to provide an interactive experience and optimal viewing like easy navigation, reading with a less panning, scrolling and resizing of the screen in various devices.


It is a collection of techniques which allow a website to adopt on any size of the screen. It will present the same site whether it was open on a smartphone or laptop. It takes the account interaction and makes the website easier to use by including things like a touch screen to help navigation.


2. Is it Necessary?

Is it Necessary?


These days most of the people prefer to use mobile-friendly website. Websites which are easily optimized for a mobile device can manage better and encourage the user loyalty. Even now most of the website owner start thinking to redesign their website according to a mobile site to maintain their search result and ranking. We have some features which prove that responsive website design is best for you:


3. Minimize Guesswork


Minimize Guesswork


The responsive website provides the best user experience on any devices. This approach eliminates your guesswork because, in another approach to mobile optimization, you have to think first that which size, the layout that your customer used. But with responsive websites you don’t have to worry about this, it provides you more control over what your customers see.


4. Develop, Design and Update on One Site


Develop, Design and Update on One Site


This site is more complex than a traditional desktop website. Although, one Responsive website require less work than having two separate websites. With another approach, if you are thinking to get the separate mobile website then you need to develop two different websites but with this, you require only one. This not only saves your time but also become so easier for web development team. It also allowed making changes from one place.


5. Cross-Device Experience


Cross-Device Experience


Generally, a customer uses different devices for accessing the website. Probably they start their research from mobile devices and after they go to your desktop site to make a purchase or some other work and sometimes the look and feel of the website don't match on different devices which might puzzle your customer while navigating the site and this will lead you to lose the sale. But RWD gives you conformity that your user will get consistent experience on all devices.


6. Google says it is best


Google says it is best


According to Google report, most of the searches made on the website through mobile devices. Actually, Google brings more traffic to your website than any other sources. While Google doesn't expressly support one technique for mobile optimization over another in the rankings, the search engines crawlers recommend utilizing a responsive design for better ranking. Doing what your greatest referrer instructs you to do appears like an easy decision.


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7. Future Resistant


Future Resistant


It is the best solution not only for today but for many years to come. As we know that technology is rapidly transforming so only responsive design can match with this. RWD only can fulfill the requirements of all devices, web browser and screen sizes. This approach always tries to meet out today's standards so that if technology change a mobile website cannot be out-dated.


8. It is great because

  • Intensify reach to clients on smaller devices (smartphones & tablets).
  • It can consolidate the tracking, analytics, and reporting in one place.
  • It decreases the time and cost charge on content management.
  • It increases the user experience which ultimately increases sales, lead generation, and conversion.
  • Button and menus are formatted for easy clicking.

Responsive website design is not a complete solution, it is an approach which will have many advantages while designing multiple devices. The web designer must need to concentrate on the details of design, content, and execution with a specific end goal to offer help on site to clients on all devices.

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