Why WordPress is a viable CMS for the enterprise Solution

Why WordPress is a viable CMS for the enterprise Solution

Why WordPress is a viable CMS for the enterprise Solution
Thu, 11/22/2018 - 05:24

The imperative decision that you should take for your enterprise, is choosing the right platform for the development and designing of your work. It is important for you to have a committed path; you must ensure your place in this era of evolution. In order to grow, WordPress is a proven solution for your enterprise.

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From Hobby blogs to the biggest news sites online, 32% of the web users use WordPress. 22% of new domain run with WordPress in the US with roughly 500+ new sites formed daily. 



There has been always a need for the architected personal publishing system, therefore, WordPress have always contributed its time to build such tools that can democratize publishing.

An open source platform that provides freedom to build, freedom to change as well as freedom to share pricelessly. This right is licensed under the General Public License (GPLv2 or later).

Form the past 7th time, WordPress covers 60% of the market as the most renowned and fastest growing CMS globally. New York Observer, National Post, Spotify, TechCrunch, CBS Local, NBC, Fortune.com, CNN, USA Today, TIME.com and many more use WordPress.


The biggest US trade publisher, Hachette Book Group (HBG) turned to WordPress visioning to support thousands of titles, authors, and imprint to fulfill with digital marketing. The world’s third largest book publisher, producing 1,700 books per year had only one crucial goal to work upon. They wanted a system that would go parallel seamlessly with the natural flow of their business promoting right assets on the right pages and time without the manual intervention. 

The features that HBG incorporated with WordPress to its business were managing domain, capability to build centralized site, dynamic page elements display through flexible search, proficient in integration of ONIX and Bowker XML. 

1. WordPress Improves Performances and Stability 



VentureBeat went through a lot of issues related to site performance, security, unsquashable bugs and many more. When addressed to WordPress the response time of the site reduced to tenth time of what it had on the previous platform. 

Als,o the site’s performance, integrity, and maintenance are now optimized that helps them to focus completely on new areas of growth. This editorial team has turned taking new projects such as tech enhancements, SEO-related updates, Visual and UX improvements.

2. Evolving Data Rich Platforms 



WordPress helped KFF’s twenty-year-old heavy digital content and its publishing tools from 10 diverse sources into one dynamic platform. Since 1990’s an initiative taken as Henry J. Kaiser Family Foundation to provide content related to national health issues. This non-profit organization delivering trusted and free content is the leading source of data and analysis for the researchers and publications.

This complete redesigning of the new infrastructure has improved the workflow of the team as well as the experience of the audience. This change has provided KFF’s the leverage to use the same toolset to navigate 100-page research reports filled with charts, graphs, slides and many more. 


The ease to manage the publication flow instead of handing over the material to the content managers separately. WordPress simplifies the publishing through the easy adoption of the creating, editing and publishing the data.

Out of top 100 websites, 14.7% websites are powered by WordPress.

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WordPress functionality offers support in all aspects of the infrastructure from code review to digital transformation increasing work efficiency as well as cost reduction in order to fulfill the critical research and communication mission to evolve with the digital landscape.

WordPress doesn’t just work under a circumference rather have a lot more capabilities than you think. With over 50,000 Plugins adding each day, WordPress provides flexibility to make changes as you wish.

3. Robust management 



WordPress provides the developers the ease of building tools under the hood for better functionality and accessibility for the users on the front end. Edit Flow tool is the best example that shows the inputs and the best practices of the editorial teams and ordinary users.

4. Strength of Infrastructure


WordPress ecosystem is very powerful and an ideal platform for taking new initiatives. You can easily develop common themes and use the set of functionality which combined can put any developing site on rails. To start your work, you don’t need any hard-core training to write a post, instead, if you work on the other custom systems you would certainly require some training.


WordPress is built to integrate with the third party systems of all kinds like e-commerce, paywalls, editorial tools, social and multimedia and many more. 

5. There are various plugins for various support:


  1. An open source that lets multiple social shares is Janrain.
  2. Personalizing the site’s content and capture user list signups is Sailthru.
  3. Test headlines programmatically with Optimizely.
  4. Load your content 10 times faster on mobile with Facebook Instant Articles, Google AMP and Apple News.
  5. A digital asset management with Webdam.
  6. Real-time data service and running quickly with Chartbeat, Parse.ly, and Google Analytics.
  7. A flexible platform to manage paywall and other digital monetization with Piano.
  8. The site’s static sometimes dynamic distribution with Content Distribution Network.

There have been certain myths about the WordPress development which were based over the older version of the software. Today’s WordPress is much more polished with better functionality and flexibility which is suitable for an enterprise solution.

6. WordPress is more than just blogging


Widely famous in the world of blogging to democratic publishing WordPress has grown-up from the blogging platform to blogging solutions. WordPress has overpowered 29.3% websites so far.

7. WordPress is recorded to have better security 


Security is always a primary concern when building a high profile website. WordPress Security team have now advanced and made security more robust. The best part, a new security fix is released, your website gets updated to avoid vulnerability.

8. Source code can be redistributed, changed in WordPress


WordPress is widely used CMS; it was argued that open source is not reliable for an enterprise solution. With the running time, Linux is losing its pace on the enterprise space. Leading firms like Facebook and Google are using open source as a solid platform to provide services around.

To conclude-


Starting as a blogging platform, WordPress now has become the largest CMS in the market. It has established itself as a leader as it is suggested for building websites. WordPress has advanced in terms of security, with tons of plugins for better functionality, easy SEO optimization, thousands of themes for better responsive design which are absolutely free keeping you in charge of your website.



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