Why Should One choose Drupal for Website Development?

Why Should One choose Drupal for Website Development?

Published on Tue, 05/22/2018 - 08:01

Why Should One choose Drupal for Website Development?

Drupal is an open source as well as a free CMS (Content Management System is a software which keeps all the data of your content) CMS allows managing, organizing and publishing your content on websites.

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It is created in the PHP based environment and carries GNU (General Public License) which finally gives everyone the freedom to share and download. Drupal is used by millions of websites like Stanford University, Whitehouse.gov, Examiner.com and much more.

Why Drupal is famous among the masses

drupal users popularity


Frequently, people search for blogs to check which CMS is good for your website.

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After going through many CMS’s, they find Drupal as an ideal CMS for their website. It is necessary that texts, infographics, and tables must be arranged properly in any CMS and Drupal do it very well.

Drupal is the answer for any small, medium and large enterprise. The quality development, better scalability, and reliability make it best CMS. The vast collection of themes and modules are some of its amazing features. Let’s see why Drupal is so famous among people and is considered as the best tool for website development.

Drupal is Design Oriented


Drupal has always criticized that it lacks in attractive interface and media management, but Drupal has got a vast number of themes with it and they are easily available for the download and you can make your website look attractive.

Drupal 7 has more than 450 different types of themes which are easily accessible for all and there are numerous modules available which are customizable as per designer requirement.

Everyone uses it


The biggest advantage of Drupal is that it is suitable for all types of client's, celebrities, scientist, IT companies anyone can make their website on Drupal because of their amazing functionality. The easy customizable Drupal can be used for social media, e-commerce, resource directories and more makes it famous among clients.

Drupal is SEO Friendly


One of the best advantages of Drupal on SEO point of view is it provides you a classified system which enables you to tag content with more relevant keywords. The content specific vocabulary provides support to the digital marketing managers to have SEO with words which are not on their blogs.

On the other hand, content writers do not require any technical knowledge simply writers can define their content type. Facilities like page title and Search Engine Optimization checklist modules make search engine optimization more user-friendly. Drupal gives you more control over URL’s and whenever required custom URL can be made.

Drupal a resource


When Drupal is downloaded properly, then you can increase speed as 500% and as the updates are launched one can increase the speed. Drupal can be easily mastered with the help of easy to update facilities. It assists the client to have an administrative section and can manage their content themselves. 

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Web performance improves


Drupal pages are autoloaded due to which the response time increases and one of the main reason for this it requires a cheap server. It is easy to customize Drupal CMS with the help of plugins and other configurable alternatives.

Why Enterprises and government bodies choose Drupal?

Preferred by everyone


Drupal is a popular open-source content management system platform, which is suitable for the type of digital presence along with a great focus on community building, social tools, and personalization. Drupal is generally used to developed simple and complex enterprise level sites.

Nowadays, most of the government and large organizations opt Drupal because:

1. Flexibility

This is the main reason. It provides CCK (content construction kit) which helps the user to have full control over content (means where and how the content display). Drupal manages with these various roles and permission sets to provide ease of multiple users.

Basically, Drupal has a huge library of user-contributed modules that give various functionality which helps to increase its social media capabilities which help a lot of government organizations.

2. Security

Drupal’s community is the world’s largest community with more than 100000 users which continuously check security issues, in addition to that Drupal also maintains a dedicated security team for that concerns.

Its issue tracking system is too good it tracks down any security issues and affixes it. This is the best option for the bank and other financial institutions who regularly deal with sensitive personal information.

3. Integrity

Another important benefit of Drupal is that it is very compatible with other services. It uses open technology so it gives an extensible framework to integrate with other data sources.


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4. Extendable

Drupal modules are anytime available so whenever you want to add functionality to your website it can be done easily. Drupal is used by various communities of people due to which it has lots of modules options with similar capabilities and they are also free to download.

One more ad on functionality is that you can configure these tools and add the appropriate tools which can take your platforms beyond your capabilities. Drupal’s viewpoint is very positive means and due to its remarkable growth within the public sector.

Apart from these, there are many other reasons why government websites opt for Drupal, there are many other features Drupal must offer which easily facilitates big and complicated websites which require complicated systems.

With the release of Drupal 8 in 2015, a lot of flexibility came into existence in terms of grouping functions and inheriting or driving characteristics which one would want to redo in different parts of the website.


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Highlights of Drupal 

Highlights of Drupal

1. Security characteristics of Drupal

Over the course of time Drupal has become stable and mature, it was designed with security in mind. Drupal has a dedicated security wing, along with a complex network of professional service provider and one of the largest developer’s communities in the world ensures rapid response to issues.

Government bodies, large enterprises, and brands are totally dependent on Drupal for important application and testing its security. Its strong coding help to prevent the problem.


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2. Secure access

Drupal has a wide variety of password policies like complexity, expiration and minimum length. It ensures that passwords are encrypted and stored in the database. It also supports industry standard policies validation practices like 2-factor and SSL authentication.

3. Database is encrypted

Drupal supports strong database encryption. Its encryption system is designed in such a way to pass the hardest HIPAA, PCI, state privacy laws, and offsite key management. The high level of detail is present to protect more particular information like particular forms, user accounts etc.

4. Brute force attack detection

It Protects from brute force attacks by limiting the number of login attempts from single IP address. More failed login is directly reflected on administrative interface, it permits the administrators to prohibit the IP address and address range of that IP address.

5. Granular user access control 

This section gives administrator full authority to completely control the site that who can see and modify the site. It allows the administrator to control user roles and provide them particularly limited permission. The features and menu links are hidden from that user who doesn’t have proper access.

Drupal Community


1. Online and Local Groups

If you want a place to meet, organize and work on projects based interest then (groups(.)drupal.org) is for you.

2. Meet Ups and Events

A Drupal event is a place where you can meet in person, exchange tips and get innovation for the next project. (groups.drupal(.)org/events)

3. Planet Drupal

Planet Drupal merges the blog post written by the community for the community. (Drupal(.)org/planet)

4. Commercial Support

Commercial support is a place where you can take professional’s support and also check Drupal’s marketplace where you can search for the companies and can get assistance for hosting, training and Drupal services. (Drupal(.)org/drupal-services)

5. IRC Chat

In Drupal, IRC (Internet Relay Chat) is a way to communicate and connect with each other. It is the most effectual way to get involved with other communities. (Drupal(.)org/IRC)

6. Community Spotlight

Community spotlight focuses on community members and teams. (Drupal(.)org/IRC)

7. Forum

Drupal Forum equips you with great information for support and guides you. (Drupal(.)org/forum)

8. Community Working Group

Community Working Group (CWG) holds the code of conduct of Drupal for maintaining the friendly community for future and current projects. (Drupal(.)org/governance/community-working-group)

9. Drupal Association

The main motto of the Drupal Association is to help the CMS projects flourish by supporting and fostering the community. (Drupal(.)org/association)

10. Language Specific Communities

Drupal has language determined communities which provide outstanding Drupal related resources and information. These sites are already successful and generally used to their respective language.

In a nutshell, Drupal web development allows developers to develop an attribute rich, high-quality website that covers all the requirement made by the client. On the other hand, companies can get a high-quality dynamic and fresh website to allure users.


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