Why is using framework a great idea?

Why is using framework a great idea?

Why is using framework a great idea?
Fri, 06/08/2018 - 14:28

A less logical more pun intended answer to this question is because we as humans like everything with frames and we as IT guys love when things get framed. Let’ move further to a more logical and precise reason.

The IT world is pacing and so do the demands we can’t afford to waste our time on basics if a program is needed to be built it must be built within a time duration it could be valued and that’s why frameworks matter, they keep the web developer from entangling into unnecessary stuff like authentication or gathering basic cryptology and provides him or her a ready to start platform.

Some of us may not agree to consider frameworks as an underlying need but even they cannot refuse to the betterment caused after the genesis of these revolutionizing programs. The market is rough and in case of IT not less than brutal and a framework is maybe the arsenal developers ought to have in order to have a healthy coding life.



Like the definition in Oxford dictionary, in the tech world framework stands for a program embedded with all the basicities and amenities made to create the rest including any computer software, a mobile application, gaming stuff and yes, a whole range of websites.

In short, it is God’s tool of creation in the insider world of digital circuits. There is an entire framework market operating in the industry producing different forms based on different languages such as Drupal based on PHP, UMBRACO based on .net and many others.


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They provide the elementary structure and all the essential ingredients at one place and serves the web developers to their full potential.



Before moving on to the greatness framework adds in any digital unit there is a burning question which had divided the programmer’s community into two groups. One side represents the community which beholds the belief that frameworks are not needed, they are a shortcut for creating programs and somewhere they are confining web developers, taking them away from the basics.

Well, I don’t know about you but that really sounded lame and sort of irrelevant per modern perspective and this is what the majority believes in. This other side comprises the vast community of framework lovers and trending IT firms like MAAN Softwares Inc. who agree with the fact that it might not be a must approach to use a framework.

But, it is a wise choice to use one because it simplifies the manner and introduces fresh elements in output despite the ease frameworks is not simple cola cans serving machines that would render anything simply by just inserting a coin and pressing the button.

These are complex programs and webbed structures requiring craft and skill to create enhanced websites and designs, at a professional level any developed software or app or site has to fulfill certain standards and a framework is what that standardizes it.



  • The soul concept behind a framework is “invest in the task, not in tech”, nobody cares about the effort put in developing a website, what matters is the outcome. Is it cool, does it meet the needs, is it handy, why there are fewer components?

  • All other ailing questions asked to a developer when he or she presents his or her program makes them wonder about solutions and framework provides all the solutions at once! After all, nobody discusses or even mentions the syntax but it is the design and style that attracts people at first.

  • Open source and freeware, everyone likes free and it is one of the reasons behind the astonishing success of frameworks, if a developer is getting everything in a tool he wants to make his work shine, there is no reason he or she won’t go for it. Yes, coding is complicated in frameworks but only because quality in work can only be achieved with the best of the codes.

  • Advancement is happening all around with new updates, latest versions and exceptional developments, to stay in the market and to ensure the longevity of products and services one needs a trustworthy assistance to come up, compete and sometimes just chill with encryption. All such aspects come well covered in a framework.

  • Maintenance is a cringe-worthy but an essential evil to deal with, any program requires a scheduled maintenance to run and survive and unless a programmer is an alien entity it is nearly an impossible job to manage everything he has ever coded without making a mess of it, so to clear the mess, resolve the management issues and to introduce further reforms in any piece of digital work, frameworks are must. 

  • Operational ease or interoperability is one of the key facilities offered, convenience in terms of swiping platforms, compatibility with different editions of Windows, Linux, iOS or Android, well-off deployment procedure, accomplishment of business needs, easy integration with the database, presence of MVC(Model-View-Controller) and completely genuine nature of output all are part of the package.

  •  A considerable amount of time is saved while working on a framework and time is not just money but a tech-essential phenomenon in IT industry. There is no need to reiterate the obvious codes again and again and follow any general instructions. Simply just start to code this is what delivered to any developer along with smartness and efficiency in the work. There is no issue regarding the defaults and thus one can focus on more crucial attributes of programming.

  • Frameworks provide options within option and a sense of complete control, with ample designs and a plugin count in thousands any sort of the desired touch can be given, the schematics can be altered, customization can be brought effectively and most importantly every code is dealt with precision.

  • It is never easy to understand and learn programming architecture moreover, it becomes tougher when there are plenty of frameworks available and new programmers are popping up every year.

  • There is a specific community of developers engrossed in such business and their mission is to engage more and more web developers with their framework program but all this is about the service providers, what about the service seekers? The consumers who know nothing about codes except how to spell the word ‘code’, with a little attention and handful of knowledge they can manage to create a basic site for themselves for the sake of their fragile beginning.



Well, now you know why framework for IT is like ‘Cadbury’ for chocolate. Developers are meant to do their job and consumers are meant to offer it so as a consumer if you want to have your own website, it is not even necessary to know anything about frameworks, the best one can do is finding an appropriate web designing firm like MAAN Software Inc. and rest is handled with care.

If someone has to organize, rank and classify all the frameworks mentioned till date it would take more than what one can assume and for real, there is no ranking that could stand valid in every aspect.

Different requirements, different analysis, different projects and different results all collectively influence the choice but still, there are some popular frameworks which can be included in the favorite list such as Drupal, Laravel, ASP.NET, CakePHP, and WordPress.


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These frameworks have one thing in common and that is they are worthy enough to fulfill most of the must needed architecture for a website or application.

A framework is like that teapot in which you serve tea and yes you can also serve tea without a teapot but that would look weird so don’t be weird and choose an interactive teapot to serve in the name of the holy codes, the codes which would grow into crucial programs for you.

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