Ways Drupal 8 can develop Your Small Business

Ways Drupal 8 can develop Your Small Business

Ways Drupal 8 can develop Your Small Business
Fri, 06/08/2018 - 12:06

Drupal is a content management system with a huge potential to capture the market. It creates superb websites with many upgrades every now and then which attracts the customers.
The Drupal development community is highly active as it consistently helps the developers in the development and brings updates for business uplifts. The recent release of Drupal 8 has come up with new features and is in high demand among small businesses & startups.

Drupal 8 is giant in respect of prototyping

It gives options like configurable fields, a variety of content types, numerous contributed modules etc. for speedy prototyping. Drupal 8 gives better user interactions so that people can easily understand the product and thus good for early prototypes.

Easy to write codes for even complex websites

It is very easy in Drupal writing codes for even more complex websites without giving a second thought. Drupal 8 is easier for all non-technical people also and so for startups. This Content Management System allows you to test the codes and implement it without a problem.


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Drupal gives you plenty of options

This CMS is famous because of its hyper-configurable options. Drupal 8 is highly extensible as compared to earlier versions of Drupal and thus gives a lot of scope of expansions in future. Usually, startups have no clue about their future so it is better for them to have websites in Drupal especially in the case of scaling up.
What a pain it would be if your current CMS was not capable enough to scale with the growth of your business! Changing to different CMS or recreating your site is very time-consuming.
Wouldn’t it be better if you could scale up your website as your business expands! Drupal has all the functionality required for scaling up the website.
Scaling up your site is more cost effective than building your website all over again.

Supporting Drupal Community

The community of Drupal is vibrant and has many modules which help you with integration and scaling up. It is very easy to integrate third-party extensions with Drupal. For start-up’s, it is very important to have security and Drupal 8 is highly secure.

Mobile responsiveness to increasing the traffic

Using a smartphone to access the internet is very common these days. So, it is very important that your website displays properly on the smartphone as well. The solution is to opt for a responsive web design which means that the site components display well on different devices. 
This is important for your business as you may lose potential clients if the website does not display well.

Create attractive websites

Drupal contains features like plug-in and tools that let you customize the website according to your needs. If you have a well-designed website, it will be able to hold the users’ attention for a longer time. This will, in turn, help you generate leads.
Another very important benefit of having an outstanding user-friendly website is that it lets you stand out from your competitors giving you the much needed competitive advantage.



Personalization is very important in order to retain your customers. It increases chances of repeat purchase. 
Drupal provides a number of tools that will let you personalize your content. You can design compelling custom content. You can also define customer segments. All this can be provided in real time across various devices.

Sell to customers worldwide

Drupal 8 can be used to design websites which can be displayed in different languages. This lets you sell to customers from a vast number of countries. It can be a great support for your small business as it will help to increase your customer base.

SEO for better rankings

You are well aware of the fact that how important it is to get ranked higher on search engines to maintain a decent traffic to your website. More traffic leads to more sales. SEO is one of the techniques that help you optimize your site for getting ranked higher in the search engine result pages.
Drupal 8 provides several modules that can let you optimize your site for better rankings. Also, Drupal 8 creates a page for tags that are optimized for SEO and adds the page to the XML sitemap. When these are updated, changes are reflected in XML sitemap. This sitemap is used by search engines while rankings.

Quicker page load

  1. Drupal 8 provides the feature of caching which stores the pages visited by users in the cache. If these pages are requested again they can be rendered quickly from the cache thus saving a lot of time. 
  2. Sites also benefit in SEO rankings due to faster load times.
  3. Caching takes place automatically once the settings have been done.
  4. Faster page load and better rankings will help in getting more traffic. User experience is enhanced due to faster page loading. All this will help in getting more business.

Can merge easily with other technologies

We are all aware how important digital marketing is for small business. It lets you reach a wide number of audience in a very cost-effective manner. Drupal 8 can easily combine with digital technologies like the social media. It is also a great tool as far as CRM (Customer Relationship Management) is concerned.

Easier content creation and management

We can’t deny the importance of content in these times of internet. A forceful content can do wonders for your small business. 
Drupal 8 provides a very user-friendly interface for content creation. You can easily build your content using WYSIWYG tools. You can drag and drop images, resize them, edit content and much more.
Drupal also contains many add-on modules like views, block, context, and more that can be integrated with minimum coding and provide a number of functionalities.
In the same way, content management is also very simple in Drupal 8. You can manage your website even from your mobile phone. You can also manage your campaigns and tweak your website according to the latest trends.

Robust due to heavy testing

Drupal CMS is used worldwide by thousands of users and enjoys an enormous community. The members keep testing and providing bug fixes. This is possible as Drupal is open source. So, much testing makes it a robust system so it is undoubtedly a very good option for your business website.


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Miscellaneous Drupal 8 Advantage

Miscellaneous Drupal 8 Advantage

  1. It is independent CMS because the dependence on additional modules is reduced.
  2. The Twig template feature and HTML5 use add glares to Drupal 8.
  3. Twig also enhances the security

After checking out the complete Drupal 8 features we can conclude that it is apt for start-up or small business to have the website in it. It brings your thoughts and ideas into action. You just have to think about the purpose of website rest all user experience will be handled by Drupal CMS.

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