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Harden your website security with the latest
Drupal version Features to prevent the risk

Differences between Drupal 6, 7 and 8


Drupal 6
No community powered security updates since 24 Feb 2016. Paid support is prohibitively expensive
Drupal 7
Update Manager is introduced in Drupal 7 by which we can manage it by User Interface (UI)
Drupal 8
Enhanced security features, with global team of experts and community contributed security patches


Drupal 6
Less features, primarily non availability of views and entity in core
Drupal 7
Modules, which are always useful for building a site in Drupal like Views, CKEditor etc., are in contributed modules
Drupal 8
Feature packed, with views in core, WISYWIG editor, Twig template engine and more Many Important modules are built in Drupal 8 core

Mobile First

Drupal 6
Not natively mobile-ready
Drupal 7
Have to do theming to make site mobile friendly in Drupal 7
Drupal 8
Native mobile-first approach all throughout, from the installer to the modules page


Drupal 6
Takes time for loading pages which causes 7% drop in conversion rate
Drupal 7
Drupal 7 is faster when handling large amount of configuration, views, and heavier themes
Drupal 8
Drupal 8 is now twice as fast as Drupal 7. No delays in page loading

SEO Friendly

Drupal 6
Does not support to boost traffic
Drupal 7
Better support for SEO and web linking
Drupal 8
Boosts inbound traffic 

Core Multilingual Modules

Drupal 6
No secure specific module for Drupal 6
Drupal 7
It requires developers to use a number of modules while developing multilingual websites
Drupal 8
Drupal 8 introduces new key modules in its core i.e. language, content translation, interface translation, configuration translation

Responsive Images

Drupal 6
You can add image functionality in Drupal 6 by adding either the Image module, or use the Content Creation Kit (CCK) and then couple it with Filefield + Imagefield
Drupal 7
Drupal 7 is rigorous when it comes to using image style according to the screen sizes of individual devices
Drupal 8
In Drupal 8, developers can choose from a variety of styles for each image with varying screen sizes


Drupal 6
Drupal 7
Theming and admin UI is far better than Drupal 6 in Drupal 7
Drupal 8
A future-ready digital platform offering rich user experiences
Advantages of Drupal 8

The new features of Drupal 8.0 such as editing content, Twig, Views integration, configuration management, RESTful API, etc. fulfills the necessities of a web platform for the developers that go well with the challenging situation of the market.


Drupal 8 offers a platform to the site builders and developers for building fast websites. This version of Drupal offers an improved front-end performance for anonymous users.


Drupal 8 out-of-the-box multilingual capabilities on the back end allow developers to build sites and translate entire sites into various languages rapidly.


The Drupal community has tried to build a secure environment with Drupal 8 with the new default theme system, trusted host patterns, twig security, dynamic based URL detection, etc.

Business Benefits of Drupal 8
The eighth version of Drupal has been built around a mobile-first philosophy, which makes it easy to build fully responsive websites.
Gain more customers across the globe with Drupal 8 multilingual opportunities.
Drupal 8 is designed to let your site fly fast due to its flexible approaches to caching, awesome built-in caching modules and a special novelty – the BigPipe.
Drupal 8’s built-in web services, your site will easily integrate with any imaginable systems or applications.
Why there is an urgency to upgrade your Drupal version?
Drupal community support unavailable - No more security advisories
icon-ud-2 shocking statement– 12 million Drupal websites at risk by hackers
High Critical Announcement - 1 million sites open to attack
3.7% rise in Drupal CMS infection (2017-2018)