Trends to Make Your Opencart Website Popular in just a few days!

Trends to Make Your Opencart Website Popular in just a few days!

Trends to Make Your OpenCart Website Popular in just a few days!
Fri, 06/08/2018 - 14:25

Among open source cart systems, OpenCart is the most powerful and rich in feature shopping system. It is one of the most reasonably priced e-Commerce options for all businesses. It has almost always for payments and shipping options. This e-commerce solution has attracted many customers all over the world. Here are the trends of 2017 for openCart which may attract many customers to you:


1. Block grids

Content writing is important for any website, but on the same side, a content arrangement is equally important. To make your website look professional it is must have Block grids on the website. The content and images should fit the screen irrespective of its size.


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2. Responsive design

With the use of mobile phones, tablets, laptops, and iPad it has become a necessity to have a website which has responsive design. If your business is not mobile friendly then definitely there will be a loss of customers.


3. Ghost buttons

The Ghost buttons are very much in trends these days. These buttons have the specific shapes like square or rectangle and usually transparent. The buttons must be very catchy for users and best for flat user interfaces.


4. No header background image

It is really important to have header very clean with a simple white background so that it attracts visitors. The visitors must be attracted towards the product rather than the header or some other image.


5. Smooth and Even design

The design must be flat without stylistic elements and should give three-dimensional illusion with simple elements. These flat designs are streamlined and organized with an appealing look for visitors. It makes elements to load faster and sharp looks on HD screens.


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6. Video background

To make your website much more impressive it is better to have short videos than boring images and content. Videos will definitely grab the attention of visitors as attracting us in a better way.


7. Hidden Main Menus

It is very crucial to have menu items easy and user-friendly. The menu may appear on the full screen and can be in the form of drop down. It is e-commerce developer's responsibility to place them in the expected location for the user or hidden one because people are now used to it.


8. Stable Navigation Bar

The fixed navigation bars must be there on top of your website page and should stick to the specified position. The menu must always be available for the users in front of their eyes.


In this post, we have mentioned the best web design trends to have a user-friendly website. These all trends make the e-commerce website easy approachable and give you maximum business. If you have any query then comment in the box and we will give the solution very soon.

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