Trending Web designing Techniques for 2019 [Updated]

Trending Web designing Techniques for 2019 [Updated]

Trending Web designing Techniques for 2019
Fri, 06/08/2018 - 14:23

“It is a website which is going to promote you day and night, neither the employees nor the company going to do so.”

The world around us is full of questions and needs, so your website has to be full of answers and solutions in a straight, clear and advanced manner. And as far as web designing techniques are concerned, the first answer your blog should have is of What is web designing


The digital representation of your product or service is done through your website only and it is critically essential to keep in mind that people today, do not like to read promotional content. This here is an another ‘why’, your website should have quite pragmatic content as well as technologically advanced design. 

The newest web designs with responsive pages are associated with the latest tools, workflows and some using design layouts as well. 


It might be difficult to know what exactly is trending today, but here we are categorizing 10 effective techniques, especially for web designers which have gained avid attraction in web designing industry.

1. Use of Sass/SCSS mixins

Preprocessors were very much famous for years, but these days it has become common for the people to use this in web designing or development. The use of vanilla CSS is replaced by Sass/SCSS as it can provide more that’s why Sass mixin libraries are in demand.


Some mixins in CSS for example code snippets, basic functions generates reiteration of code. There are many developers who are releasing free of cost mixins online in libraries such as Bourbon. Also, GitHub is an amazing idea to search for Sass/SCSS mixins. 

2. Custom Explanatory Videos

Short explanatory videos consisting of a precise preview of your product/service with latest web designing technologies available in the market for e.g Adobe Premiere Pro CC, Final Cut Pro X (Apple product), Kinemaster etc. may convince the visitor to the website. There are various companies either big or small have videos which are forged through animations like Crazy Egg. These videos might mean to illustrate the product and services.


Some videos often depend on real-life coverage, for example, Instagram Direct.


 Also, there are some techniques that may look like a video but they are just one or two pictures got timelined over each other, one consisting of a moving frame while the latter might be a still photograph, giving it a feel exactly like a video itself. This concept is colloquially known as Filmography. 

If such innovative web design concepts are implemented over your website in a smart way, that would be for sure leaving an impression on a visitor to your website.


Videos are visually descriptive & elaborating in a very short duration of time. One of the best customer explanatory video users is Udemy for its popular online courses.

3. Live Product Representation

Landing page designs should not only have better Internet speeds with fast browsing but nowadays a trend of ‘live product preview’ is eminent in webpage designing.


One of the major examples for this is Slack’s product page with video tour as well as vector graphics features. This particular type of feature enhances the visual ability to the client that how their product will be operated. 
Ultimately, if the presentation is direct, clear and full of multimedia, it is anyway better than anything.

4. Showcasing Interacting AI Tools

Apart from message pop-ups and instant group chat heads there are new techniques upcoming as well like sharing of live design documents, insertion of Mega Menus, Chat-bots etc. are some artificial intelligence tools that are trending nowadays. 


One of the prominent examples which explain this well is ‘Notable’ i.e. a Blackberry app. In this application, the user can have annotations or comments within the document at the top.

The most important use of such technique could be that the work can be shared with anyone, done by the designer. ‘Slack’ is another preeminent chat application which allows to create extensions and tie up with many products like WordPress, hangouts and much more. 

5. Responsive Front-end Frameworks

Some recent frameworks of 2019 are Laravel & Symfony (PHP), Spring & Grails (JAVA), AngularJS (by Google), VueJS.


Bootstrap is one of the renowned Front-end frameworks, especially for responsive designs and useful for both purposes i.e. personal and professional. 

6. Dedicated UX Design

Earlier people were not pretty much updated with UX. Today, the evolution of technology is the most accelerated thing anywhere in the world. The public has become quite agile now.


Prompt feedbacks are pushing developers and designers to focus on UX designs & web designing tools. User experience, User Interface has become a crucial part of web design.

Some of the common resources to fetch UX information are UX Stack Exchange and free UX e-books.

7. Efficient Package Managers

To compete and withstand in the market full of competitors, time to time modification and filtration is an important process for every new thing into the market. Whether the product is materialistic or not, its amelioration is a desirable aspect.


In that context, Bower and NPM are some solutions of Digital Package Managers which are important for web development. These types of web designing tools are no doubt at first will be time-consuming, but it is necessary to get the upgradation, deletion, installation of programs done in a consistent manner. 

It basically prevents a user to perform all such operations manually, & So does a front-end developer must have an idea about a package manager.

8. Code Learning for Designers

Adding on a new idea to the already written code is only possible when you are familiar with coding. It’s a misconception among designers that they think it is not their work to write any code but the code is very crucial for them to learn.


Without the code, their design is merely a picture so it is important to learn both design and code. Moreover, it is really important to be versatile and self-dependent to hit the target.

9. Attractive Material Designing

The beauty of your front page includes looks and the feel of the user interface, icons, typography used in it, colors embedded in it, theme provided to the background and many more aspects are there. Innovative web designing may hold the visitor for a few seconds on your website, further it is up to your product & services that you render are either capable of holding the visitor for next few minutes or not. 


Apparently, it has been a huge success for Google when they released material designs for Android designers. These designs have served as crafting related user interfaces specifically for Android smartphones. Most of the designers just put their heart in this particular Google’s design language. 

Free Libraries offer various Custom codes for material designing, for example, Material UI, Materialize etc. This undoubtedly is an aspect to grasp the web design trends and design the material accordingly.

10. Learning Through Online Resources

Learning is a constant process and so applicable with the web designers too. Various new courses and different websites coming up every year with the proliferating online tutor market. Some of the remarkable online websites are Teamtreehouse and Code school. 



website design and development are making impactful changes in the market. It is necessary to upgrade yourself along with the upcoming new technologies. One should be very clear in the matter of designing with the fact that, designers now are modernizing the web community continuously through new technologies and tools, converting possibly everything into the most liked genre of ‘user-friendly’.  

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Every day, there are new time-saving features are adding on. These may not be the latest website or mobile web design techniques or best graphic design trends of 2019 but are surely going to leave footprints on your visitor aka customer. Of course, there might be many more add-ons further in tears by the end of this year as progress and change are the only two constant things that no one could stop.

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