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We are the solution provider understanding the needs of software development in the travel and hospitality sector fulfilling the requirements of travel agencies, Airlines, Logistics etc by delivering digital transformation and technology services
Increase online bookings by optimizing your property data and publishing local content. Check MAAN’s solutions for the travel and hospitality industry
Travel & Hospitality

Apps For Travel And Hospitality

Travel App Solutions For Travel Lovers

We have supported some of the big travel and hospitality brands, offering travelers and guests a premium destination for customer care, sales and retention support. Helped in creating insanely great experiences - from booking rental cars, flights, and hotels - receiving valuable support and assistance anytime they need to both - leisure and business travelers. With proficient leaders at MAAN, who have worked on complex systems to provide an unmatched domestic, nearshore and offshore solutions. We offer 24/7mobile support for the on the go travelers.

Travel Industry Solutions

Simplify And Improve Your Business With Latest Innovations

Transform your travel business with scalable, dependable networks to help enhance operations and support innovative and exciting experiences
Web & Mobile Booking Systems

Make an online booking system mobile-friendly for seamless integration to help manage tours and activities

Inventory & Procurement Management

Bring entire process in supply chain full circle with inventory management & procurement team take control over work

Payment Systems Integration

Automate your manual accounting process with integrated payments in order to work payment & accounting work in harmony

Travel Process re-engineering

Start re-engineering your agency’s travel process with us to help your client attain operational efficiency

Navigation Systems

Locate destination, optimize your route, travel safely avoiding traffic integrate all in one navigation system

Transaction Processing Systems

Use a centralized database which offers performance, reliability & consistency in handling routines to manage database

Customer Relationship Management

Attract, retain and delight more customers with our CRM software following best practices & strategies

Pre & Post-trip Management Applications

Diagnose fleet maintenance issues that need immediate attention also ensuring safe drivers on road

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Discover how MAANs digital solutions can help you provide the seamless travel experience they want with the improved efficiency

Internet of things

While each industry does have its fair share of early adopters of the Internet of things (IoT) strategies, many companies are still stalled in technology overload. The pressure to modernize the business and invest in advance technology is overwhelming. MAAN's keen on solving a plethora of problems with IoT transforming distinctive industries through defining devices that gather and convey data via the Internet. MAAN with the help of the IoT industry solutions tackle the biggest business challenges, enterprise-grade hardware, connectivity & platforms.

Blockchain technology

Learn how Blockchain technology can be applied across industry networks. Banking isn’t the only industry that is affected by blockchain technology. MAAN uses the blockchain technology to help communicate, create, share, distribute ledger of transactions over a decentralized peer-to-peer network. Each industry seems to consider technology as potentially revolutionary. As technology advances, MAAN with a wave of enthusiasm applies potential Blockchain technology globally.

Augmented Reality

Augmented reality and Virtual reality too are reshaping the diverse industries. Designed to reduce the costs of training and to enhance the customer experience primarily in the major areas MAAN provides industry solutions with AR - human resources and many more. With advancements in industrial solution, MAAN helps various industries implement custom Augmented Reality applications that integrate with cloud-based IoT platforms to improve industrial worker productivity and reduce equipment downtime.

Artificial intelligence

Machine Learning or Artificial Intelligence is playing a predominant role practically in every industry for safety and quality assurance. Some of the gigantic companies are turning to artificial intelligence technology so does MAAN has understood the potency of AI offering solutions to the companies to analyse the consumer's choices. It is reasonable to expect that AI will very quickly be used more and more, machines with the ability to think like humans could solve the greatest challenges faced in disparate industries today.
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