Top 5 Reasons Your Blog Should Be Powered By WordPress

Top 5 Reasons Your Blog Should Be Powered By WordPress

WordPress is renowned CMS all over the world as most of the blogging websites are made in it. Almost all bloggers wish to write on websites made in WordPress and to know the reasons why this is so read the below content.


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WordPress can transform your Business into some good online business website with huge success. With WordPress, you can convert your blog to the website and attract massive customers. Some of the reasons to have a WordPress blogging site:


1. Google prefers WordPress

For a website visitors are important and to have maximum visits through Google searches, search engine optimization is a must. WordPress Plugins and tools give you an ample number of ways to be on the top list of Google.

The logical architecture of WordPress makes it stand out from the crowd when SEO is considered. The codes are simple for search engine spiders and easy crawling is there for your site. To WordPress website, you can easily get precise SEO as there will be specific Meta tag keywords for each page and blog.

It will help you to get the top Google ranking. It gives you responsive design for a blog post and like this, there are hundreds of other reasons for which Google loves WordPress.


2. Hosting is not required

Hosting is one of the major issues for many websites and it's not free for most of the websites but here in WordPress hosting totally free of cost. Even if you get a heavy traffic, then also its hosting will keep on working. There is no need to worry with WordPress just keep on writing blogs.


3. Design Themes

WordPress is easy to use by all that’s why the non-technical people mostly prefer WordPress. For WordPress themes designing you need not be a professional WordPress developer nor a designer. There are default WordPress themes available with it and you can simply set up the theme and start blogging.

But to be a brand most of the people prefer to have a customized theme and there are people who can do it very easily without much time-consuming.  The default themes designs can be chosen from a bulk of themes as per the website need. WordPress admin allows you edit the colors, logo, sliders and many other things.


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4. WordPress Plug-ins

Looking for different features in your blogging website then WordPress plugins are the best option waiting for you. Simply find the plugin you want and click Install button. After that, you need to download and unzip that plugin. Once this is done activate the plugin from the back office area. It is super flexible CMS and premium plugins are easily available for use.  


5. Easy Content Creation

The reasons for WordPress popularity is user-friendly and especially from the content perspective. For a non-technical person, even it is very easy to learn WordPress admin section.

There is no need of paying for the webmaster as one being a beginner also can add, alter and remove content from the website with any device. It generates navigation links, content index and many other tasks like keeping the track of users, security setting etc.

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