Top 5 CMS that you should use for your next website

Top 5 CMS that you should use for your next website

Top 5 CMS that you should use for your next website
Fri, 06/08/2018 - 14:35

Website Development is all based on languages and languages are all about CMS (content management system). If we consider in general, there is stock full of such content generating systems but not all of them meet the requirements we need in our website.

Some of them lack in add-ons, others are way complex, a few with page management issues, most of them are overrated and the question is we usually don’t have the faintest idea that which CMS would be best suited for our website.

So, to clear the confusion, below here are mentioned the finest, most efficient, less messy and highly productive content management systems that would probably meet the requirements of your next website.


1. Drupal: The Bestest And Big




If you love the tagline ‘think big’ then there is a 100% chance you would love Drupal. It provides one of the best CMS services and stands as a robust content management system. The standards of Drupal can be guessed from the fact that a Drupal web developer is not considered as a rookie but more than a professional.

Company website which is based on Drupal can cope up with the crowded traffic and can effectively manage hundreds of pages on the site. There are more than 1.5 million websites running on Drupal including GE, NBC, and the official website of Harvard University.

Drupal is not for amateur web designers since the level of processing in this CMS calls for better skills and cold-blooded coding that will eventually lead to a fascinating website with a user-friendly interface and smooth handling.

Everything in terms of quality can be achieved on Drupal from a highly interactive blog to a mass attracting website all can be weaved into codes and links and yes with an ease.

Key features Of Drupal

  • Community support is gorgeous, the forums are quite novel where anything and almost everything can be sorted out and it is not just the most of it. There are chats, events, and meetups also aided by the Drupal to Drupal blog support. But yes, it has no telephonic support.
  • An extensive range of modules or plugins to give the very touch one seeks in his or her website. The plugin count is more than 6000 and is still growing at a steady rate claiming for a descent designing versatility.
  • The obvious feature is the popularity of this CMS as one of the most craved CMS among consumers and companies moreover if you are seeking to hire someone for this purpose there are some lucrative options within the US that provides a wide range of services in this field.
  • Not just it includes all the staple features like blogging tools, search engine, sitemaps but also presents a range of customizable modules to add extra spice to the content that the site will display.
  • No need to bother about ready-made features and knowledge management system and Drupal can be considered as a justifying choice for the development of an e-commerce website covering everything from categorized tabs to cart proceeding. Thus, it is an insightful choice to choose Drupal as the CMS for your next website.
  • Efficiency is what that matters the most and fortunately, with Drupal, it isn’t a problem. Drupal is the roughest and toughest guy in the family of content management systems, able to serve the most complicated and overloaded websites with negligible issues. With multiple components and diversified approach Drupal is worthy enough to be included in this list of top five CMSs.


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2. MAGENTO: CMS With magnetic Touch




A CMS with more than just magnetic touch. Magento is a crunchy but utilitarian content management system, a well derived open source platform and the kingmaker in the e-commerce sector. It is only ingredient common among brands like ‘Burger King’, coffee-colored ‘Nestle’ and clothing company ‘Zumiez’. 

 All these companies have their website originated in the name of Magento. As mentioned earlier Magento would be proved as an establishing choice for e-commerce purpose suitable for small business ventures and startups trying to search their way in. One additional aid from Magento is that it comes in different editions with specificity and one can adopt the appropriate version as per the requirements.

Besides this the Magento world is distinguishable in two halves, the first half incorporates the IT industry indulged in web development which provides services regarding website designing and e-commerce solutions and the rest half is made of the app manufacturing portals that handle the Android and iOS-based handles of different companies.

Key Features Of Magento

  • Even if there is no knowledge regarding the webbed codes one can take help from the very conducive community dwelling in the name of Magento community, moreover there is a fresh group of supporters who are always busy in creating extensions with new features.
  • If you have a dream to take your business to international heights or if you have already crossed borders then, Magento is an intelligent CMS option to generate your website from and yes there is a technically valid reason. Magento can process currencies from different countries and handle different language portals within the website making it a catchy and ‘wannabe’ CMS.
  • Different editions meant to simplify things. Three versions of Magento makes it better service provided as a content generator. These are Magento Community Edition, Enterprise Edition, and Enterprise Cloud Edition, all are different in both cost and embedded services.
  • Highly recommended to sellers and buyers for a fair-trade experience and to make market digitally equipped and enhanced.


3. WORDPRESS: Pro And Popular




Well, this is the CMS that every other CMS desire to be, with a surplus market share of 58.8% and for a fact every sixth site in the world runs on WordPress, all of it makes the most famous and widely used content management system. Wordpress development services come under the GPU GNU license making it an absolutely free and open source CMS based on PHP and MySQL.

Powering a billion-dollar economy WordPress makes it appear as web development companies are meant to hire Wordpress developer. It is a trustworthy CMS not only used by brands like Facebook, Forbes but also powers the internet presence of various government institutions, university sites, and other civil authorities.

Wordpress is also peculiar in terms of its ownership, there is no CEO or owner of WordPress but it is managed by WordPress Foundation.

Key Features Of Wordpress

  • Worldwide acceptability ensures the quality of service WordPress offers and thus assures a better experience for both web developers and consumers with an intent of having their own website.
  • Availability of more than 50K plugins comprising both paid and free and a range of theme developing tools enables to create any sort of visually appealing, extensive, comprehensive, creative and convenient website.
  • The content management within this CMS is quite pleasing and provides a user-friendly cum interactive interface that solves most of the problem and serves as a troubleshooting assistant.
  • A vast community of developers ready to help anytime aided with fruitful tutorials.


4. LARAVEL: CMS With A Difference




Developed by Taylor Otwell, Laravel is a web framework based on PHP. It comes with several unique features such as Model View Controller(MVC), Query builder, Object-Relational Mapping(ORM) and simplified template engine as Blade. 

All these features equip this language with a novel and an unprecedented approach in the field of content management systems. Yet laravel is a newborn among all CMS and has a long way to go in its course of further advancement.

Key Features Of Laravel

  • Basic elements such as verification and database management are exceptionally easy in laravel providing an edge to the developers and giving them, space not usually seen in case of other frameworks.
  • Laravel has a proactive community named as, the community hosts several supportive forums regarding the framework. On the other hand, there is this cool video library called Laracast with always updated content.
  • Database seeding, convenient migration and Artisan CLI (command line interface) are some out of the box elements of laravel that made its way in this list of top five.


5. JOOMLA: Loaded And fashioned


Some of the intriguing names such as the National Crime Agency of U.K., OpenVPN, MTV Greece and The Fashion Spot all these well-known endeavors have their websites created on Joomla. When it comes to “less complex - more style” kind of demands Joomla coders are called to serve who are capable of rendering Joomla website development services.

Joomla is highly preferred by web developers because of the ease of website creation it offers and the nuanced nature of outcomes with more possibility of edible content in terms of engaging the traffic. Employing a Joomla website development service is pretty ensuring for the consumer because of the object-oriented encoding techniques which are to the point and easily programmable.

Key Features Of Joomla

  • Highly appropriate for back-end networks with more than 7700 extensions along with bundles of themes conveying an array of style and diversity in elements required to build a catchy website.
  • User authentication is not an issue with support from Google and OpenID.
  • Documentation supply is in abundant and community support is something appreciable also Joomla has been translated into 64 languages, nearly having 300 registered groups and over 48 million downloads are already done.
  • Loaded with specialties such as the collapsible sidebar, google reCaptcha, front-end module re-editing, decoupled web linking and composer integration makes Joomla not just a powerful but a dynamic mainstream CMS.
  • Based on an easy to deploy approach, taking less effort and time and providing a detailed overview of any website but with less mumbo-jumbo as compared to other content management systems.


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Above are some of the top five CMS options you could opt for your next website and apart from the features and specifications there are some limitations operates within their dynamic structure, maybe the CMS you choose can turn out more of an exertion for primary sites with just basic needs.

A lot of security checkpoints could be required to pass before finalizing any project plus the community support might not be sufficient for you except you are lucky enough to hire a supportive CMS website development service provider. So before choosing one, it should be made clear what are the requirements we want our website to meet because each CMS has a different quality and comes with unlike abilities, hence “choose better deal wisely”.

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