Programming Language for Effective Mobile App Development

Programming Language for Effective Mobile App Development

Published on Fri, 06/08/2018 - 02:04

Programming Language for Effective Mobile App Development

In this digital era, smartphones are the fastest developing digital platform, which providing various business solutions to leverage. Mobiles are the most popular device for internet browsing, approx. 80% internet is used trough smartphones. This rapid growing mobile market highly advanced mobile application is the best ways for targeting.

Software companies are looking into every app scenario to proceed on every tablet, smartphone, and smartwatches. But how to make a mobile app and which programming language is perfect in developing a cutting-edge mobile app which is coming up as the biggest challenge for the companies.

Here, we have shown some programming languages that generally used in mobile application development:-

1. HTML5


This is the most commonly used programming language; for developing web-front applications for mobile devices. HTML5 is the ideal option to create various data type like the level browser playing field, rationalizes input parameters, and account for varied resolution and screen size. But with this, you don’t need to create a different app for different mobile platform.

HTML5 can easily scale to work on every browser, device or operating system. Moreover, this programming language requires less maintenance than a native app because they support one code base. It is a cost-effective solution and SEO friendly in nature.

2. Objective-C


It is commonly used for building mobile apps and MacOS operating system. Objective oriented programming language means that the code written with a unique object which includes their own data and logic. This method implemented through planning.

However, this language makes easier for programmers because it requires minimum time on a long string of code. It creates “Classes” for things that identify function and attributes, and then generates other objects using classes. According to Apple, Objective-C is the best tool for developing an app for iPad or iPhone.



Mobile App Developer considers JAVA as the prominent language for app development. This the best option for the Android Platform. It is an object-oriented programming language that is generally used to provide the enterprise solution on mobile devices.

JAVA can seamlessly run with or without a browser, which makes a huge difference in terms of app update and flexibility to reuse the code. This programming language is best for those who want to develop an app with common code that can run on multiple various platforms.

4. C++


C++ is the best tool and programming language for those who want to develop an intuitive mobile app for Android, Windows Phone. This is an effective and highly scalable programming language which allows developing an app for every purpose or platform.

This language is the ideal choice for mobile app developers because of its low-level programming. This language can easily convert from a human –understandable code to low-level machine code, which helps this to run faster than others like Python, C#, and Java.

5. C#


This programming language plays a prominent role for Microsoft like Objective-C in APPLE’S. C# have unique features of the environment. This language generally preferred for windows phone app development. This is an ideal programming language for developing scalable and highly robust Window Phone app.



For mobile app development, this programming language made it on top position. Moreover, this language is replacing Objective-C as the primary iOS coding language, because this language is capable of working with the same by leveraging cocoa and cocoa touch frameworks in iOS.

It is developer friendly language and uses LLVM compiler which provides great app performance. This is generally developed to reduce the possibility of security vulnerabilities. So because of that reason, developers are thinking to switch to Swift for developing an interactive app on the iOS platform.

7. Corona



Corona permits the developers to create an app on all platforms whether it is iOS, android or windows. It permits them to use Lua, it is layered on top of C++/OpenGL, for developing the great graphics application.

Corona also includes an emulator which provides a facility to run their programming instantly without the need to assemble the code. This service is free but if you want to upgrade features then for that you need to pay a certain amount.

As we discussed above, these are some best programming languages that you can choose to develop your mobile app according to your need. These programming languages are best at their level. Now it totally depends on you that what type of app you want to develop and design, and what feature helps in.

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