Real Car racing Parking

You play this game as John, a young man going through a bad time. John is new in TinyTown™. You have no job and are out of money. Looking for some work, you stumble across Mr. Bones who owns a company called King Cars. Mr. Bones could be the textbook example of an evil boss. He is always in a frenzy, fires people in a second, and never ever listens to an excuse. 
You are called for an interview, and the Evil Mr. Bones understands your desperation. He hires you at King Cars as a car delivery boy. Low-wage, Crazy working hours, and terrible rules. Rules any person would reject.. But not you.You need this job to keep you going. But would it be easy working for Mr. Bones? Would you be able to keep going and make it out of your bad time? 

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  • IOS
  • Swift
  • Objective C