Goal SFS

The best app on the market today to help you reach your every goal. Would you like to get in shape, earn a million dollars, play scratch golf, succeed in business? Tommy Fierst’s Goal Setting for Success app will help you do all the above or achieve any other goal you may have, and, the app works effortlessly, always knowing when to give you the right reminder to help you succeed. The set up is effortless, as the app walks you through the goal setting process with ease. You have always wanted goal setting to be this simple. Your brain is a goal-seeking organism, and Tommy Fierst’s goal setting for success app provides the fuel to give you the power to chase your dream and continue to chase your dreams even when the times get tough (and they will). Remember, Repetition is a major key to reaching whatever you desire. Tommy Fierst’s Goal Setting for Success app puts your goal into your mind, over and over and over again and the app is supported by the website tommyfierst.com


  • Added password confirmation feature
  • Added upload video size info
  • Minor bugs resolved
  1. Android
  2. XML
  3. Android Studio
  4. Java
  5. Kotlin