Popular PHP Frameworks for Startups to Look in 2020

Popular PHP Frameworks for Startups to Look in 2020

Popular PHP Frameworks for PHP development services
Tue, 12/17/2019 - 15:43

In the last few years, PHP has witnessed remarkable growth as a server-side programming language. The reason behind its great popularity is the websites built using PHP frameworks are highly responsive to fulfilling the diverse business requirements. Hence, PHP and its frameworks are going to gain the attention of maximum businesses in 2020. Here are some of the popular PHP frameworks that will lead in 2020 and years ahead. In website development process choose the framework that works best for you to get your website developed and meet your business goals.

List of Popular PHP Frameworks for Startups in 2020

1.    Laravel- For all the startups in 2020, Laravel is among the most popular, reliable, free and open-source PHP frameworks. Customize your complex apps with the endless features offered by Laravel. This PHP framework is competent in managing complicated web applications with protected measures and at a faster pace compared to others.

2.    CakePHP- If you are looking for creating a feature-rich and visually appealing website with a simpler approach, then CakePHP is the best choice. It offers 100% backward compatibility that makes it upgradable. This PHP framework includes prevention of SQL injection, cross-site scripting (XSS) protection, and CSRF protection with input validation that are its high-security measures.

3.    Yii- It is a fast and out-of-the-way PHP framework that allows you to build any web app. This is a universal web-programming framework and is appropriate for all kinds of web apps. Yii development services are faster and easier because of the robust security features and simplified installation process.

4.    Symfony- For modular projects, Symfony is the best PHP framework that is considered a high performance, stable and well-documented framework. This PHP framework is worth using as it offers features like consistency, reusable elements, and engine independent database. Symfony is easy to install and configure on most platforms.

5.    CodeIgniter- CodeIgniter has become a favored PHP system throughout the years due to its tiny size and it makes coding less complex and development quicker. High speed, libraries, illustrated database, data abstraction, built-in security questions and active community support are diverse advantages of CodeIgniter.

Reasons for PHP and Its Frameworks Being Popular Among Developers


php frameworks for php web developers

PHP and its frameworks offer a number of features to the developers such as creating dynamic and static websites in less time. To help developer speed up the overall development process, PHP development frameworks provide advanced tools, features and code snippets. In this way, sites made by utilizing PHP frameworks are exceptionally responsive and have fast loading speed. PHP frameworks assist you with building cross-platform web applications that can be run on any web browser operating system or device.

It is time to use the list of most popular PHP frameworks 2020 in your website project. Delay no more and contact a professional PHP development company to generate your website application. MAAN Softwares offers exceptional PHP web development services by developing a revenue-generating website with the best PHP framework for your business or startups. Hire PHP web developers from our team that will help you build your project quite faster and in a better manner.

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