Magento Platform Exclusively for Ecommerce Business

Magento Platform Exclusively for Ecommerce Business

Published on Fri, 06/08/2018 - 02:58

Magento Platform Exclusively for Ecommerce Business

If someone has decided to open an e-commerce store then they took the right decision. But one should always keep one thing in their mind while choosing a platform for website development that businesses give the option to select between open source or hosted solutions for development.

It seems that hosted option is safer because this one can be limited by its constraint. However, by using open source platform you take full control of your website. Here in this following blog, we give you some reason that why Magento can be the ideal e-commerce platform to develop your business.

1. It Is Exclusively For Ecommerce

It Is Exclusively For Ecommerce

Generally, most people are more familiar with WordPress but WP is a content management platform which basically offers an e-commerce plugin. Therefore, Magento is designed exclusively for E-commerce platform because it provides the best features for customer, payment, high-volume online selling, and loyalty program management.

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Now, various big brands are using Magento for their business and according to the recent study, Magento takes around 29.1% of the total market share and leads other platforms.

2. Best Platform to Raise up Your Business

Best Platform to Raise up Your Business

If you are serious about your online business then you need a platform which is scalable. In this situation, Magento will help you to raise your business to start up to medium size business without the need to switch to the e-commerce platform

Moreover, if you want to shift another platform then Magento is the best option to expand your business, it also saves your content from losing because of its lock-in feature. But make sure that you are using the updated version of Magento for speed optimization for delivering the best user experience.

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3. Start with Zero

Start with Zero

Magento is an open source platform which allows you to correct and shape the code along with installing extension according to your online business requirements. It gives the benefits to the Small or medium organization by providing Community Edition which doesn’t cost anything.

Community Edition is the most popular edition of Magento among various companies because they use its free version and does not require a bit of investment. It becomes the open space for the developers. This also provides assistance to their users if they are in trouble.

4. Customizable Platform

Customizable Platform

Magento truly presents its open source quality by permitting their use to build website accordingly and also can use extension and code to their custom functionality and features like (backend, frontend, themes, integration with third-party services, marketing tools, etc.) as we already discussed.

It also allowed customizing the extension for the better-performing stores. It delivers the user free and paid themes and templates starting from $1. These templates can also develop and modify into more contemporary web design, visually trendy and responsive for mobile compatibility. And its checkout process made it fast for users at its checkout.

5. SEO Friendly

SEO Friendly

SEO gives the exposure to your business and generate traffic to your website. Magento already equipped with SEO friendly features so you don’t require to install any SEO extension.

It gives the user full control to customize URL’s along with you can also edit the Meta description and page titles. Magento gives the ability to create Google sitemap which helps the user to store the index quickly, so increase your ranking on the search page through SEO.

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Now at present for development e-commerce site around 28 platforms are available in the market. But Magento is the most popular among all another open source platform. It is robust with the high level of customizability with the huge variety of extensions with comparability lower cost for maintenance and development.

According to the business requirements, one should choose and consider a professional Magento website development company because an experienced developer will understand your need better and create a website that matches your requirement.

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