Is your eCommerce Store Trusted by Google?

Is your eCommerce Store Trusted by Google?

Is your ecommerce Store Trusted by Google?
Fri, 06/08/2018 - 14:41

Having an e-commerce website and listing thousands of products is not a tough task. But the problem is how to come on the first page of Google, rank #1 is important. Through some research, it is found that the rank one website has almost double the share of impressions and the average click-through rate than the rank 2 websites.

Now how to have rank #1? Is your website SEO compatible and trusted by Google?

Here are some tried and tested SEO techniques to make your website SEO compatible and trusted by Google:


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1. Complete Research on Keywords

Before starting any SEO work first complete keyword analysis for your new website. Find keywords which can be used for your website along with competitor’s research. Keywords are most important part of SEO as it can bring a lot of traffic to your web page or simply can ruin your business.

Start with finding keywords for homepage and product pages according to search volume, relevancy and ranking difficulty level. Always make sure that the keywords you choose are not broad as it increases the bounce rate of a website.

Also, the use of too competitive words will take more time for a good website rank. The long–tail keywords for blogs can also generate traffic to your website. It becomes a confusion for the search engine when same keywords are used on multiple pages of a website.  

This procedure weakens your capability to have traffic through that particular keyword. So the keyword cannibalization means doubling the keyword should be avoided.


2. List out errors on the Current website

Find out the errors on the website because self-analysis is must for any business. Download Screaming Frog for finding errors in your website as it will check the links, images, Meta tags, CSS and other errors.

The errors can be 404, 302 or content duplicity. Also, you must check the speed of website on websites like GTmetrix, Pingdom etc, don’t let your visitors wait and hang around due to a slow website. It is really important for a website to have loading time less than 3 seconds.


3. On-Page SEO

Search engine optimization is the foremost thing for any website to rank better on Google. On-page SEO is an easily accessible technique to obtain traffic via google. This is the best part of SEO because you have complete control over on-page SEO.

There are basically 8 modules for on-page SEO named as Keyword Optimization for your page and blog postings, Site Structure, Usability, Rich Snippets and people on videos, blogs, etc., Customer Reviews, Mobile Version of Website, Internal Linking to form anchor text and Social Media Integration.


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4. Testing and Optimization

Check your website analytics to see what all keywords are giving you maximum traffic. Pay per click campaigns, Meta tags and Meta descriptions testing’s must be done. Testing should be done on a regular basis because low conversion rates may lose your sales.


5. Blog Content

Usually, a website can be optimized for a single keyword but there are many other keywords which can bring traffic to you. These keywords can be covered with the help of blogs. The blog posts must be written by a professional content writer who has knowledge about SEO.

Only good posts will be read by users as it should be user-friendly. There are certain conditions when Google penalizes you for bad content like keyword stuffing. Content Marketing and email campaigns are always good only if the content is SEO friendly.


6. Building of Links

Link Building is not that difficult to do, but the quality link is important. The inbound links on low-quality websites will be penalized by Google. These low-quality websites will be full of advertisements and have keyword stuffed content.

Always post content on sites which accept quality blogs as Google doesn’t like Content-farms. Moz’s bar, Majestic SEO can help you in checking the domain and you can judge if the website is suitable to post your content or not.


7. Effective SEO Tools

Some of the SEO tools are effective for the content writers and SEO strategist to have a Google-friendly website and content

  1. Google AdWords Keyword Tool.
  2. MOZ keyword Tool.
  3. Spyfu Keyword Tools.
  4. SemRush.
  5. Screaming Frog Spider.
  6. Buzzstream.
  7. Citation Labs Broken Link Finder.
  8. Co-scheduled Headline Analyzer.
  9. Buffer.
  10. HootSuite.

These tools along with above-mentioned procedure can help you developing Google Trusted website.

There can many reasons that you want traffic to your website, but the most common reason is to increase sales. A right SEO will definitely increase your sales with constant up gradation to stay on the top of the Google rank list.

Undoubtedly it is a time-consuming task to do SEO but it is definitely the best source to increase online sales for e-commerce websites.

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