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We have invented a unique and workable IoT development process
that helps us cater to your needs and build applications that suit your business purpose


IoT is a modern technology that bridges the gap between the physical and online world. As an experienced IoT solution provider, MAAN Softwares creates effective IoT solutions for its clients. Our team of professional developers efficiently builds IoT based apps, web apps, and customized software.
IoT is expanding day by day. Not only do big organizations need it, but normal people need IoT based projects like home automation, gas leakage detectors, and liquid level monitoring, too. Many organizations across all industries are utilizing this technology to improve their reporting, asset tracking, and health monitoring systems.

Some of the IoT solutions delivered by MAAN:-

  • Smart city system – This system helps people in different cities get connected and informed about each other’s traffic situations. With the help of this system, drivers can identify blocked routes and change their courses accordingly.
  • Home automation system – Our home automation system is a wireless control system that allows you to monitor the electric outlets of your home. You can then turn electric current on or off through the app.
  • Health monitoring app – We have built a health monitoring app to help medical organizations. This app gains insight on patients and allows doctors to diagnose their symptoms. The doctors can then suggest courses of action to their patients through the app.

    All types of businesses can take advantage of IoT. For example, a smart lock system and cameras can be optimized to replace the security guards. We MAAN are helping businesses develop their own customized IoT solutions.
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What we Do


MAAN Softwares offers technologically advanced Internet of Things solutions and applications, allowing your business to reap the benefits of IoT technology. We build IoT solutions that customized to perfectly fit your needs. We collaborate with all types of clients to help them take the leap into this new, connected world. We build smart, connected products that harness the power of machine learning and advanced analytics to help you operate more efficiently. We provide integrated services to deliver and manage IoT solutions. We deliver enterprise and consumer IoT applications to support smart initiatives for diverse clients ranging from the security industry to home automation to industrial organizations.


Connectivity With Wearable Devices


IoT Architecture Development


IoT App Development


IoT Cloud Platform


IoT Consulting


IoT Gateway Development


IoT Implementation and Support


IoT Module Development


Ongoing Support and Maintenance


Why Customers Choose MAAN for IoT App Development

  • We develop effective IoT gateways for every app
  • We provide Custom IoT solutions for all our clients
  • We develop IoT apps that perform advance levels of data analysis
  • We provide IoT app development for mobile phones, wearable technology, and other devices
  • We provide you an exemplary IoT environment to collect data relevant to your business
  • We build IoT-connected solutions to drive smart products, improve operations, and further your business model
  • We always strive to provide advanced IoT solutions as per your specific business requirements
  • We not only provide IoT app development services but also provide complete support and maintenance for your IoT apps

The Four Phases of IoT Architecture


Our Expertise

We provide complete development services that utilize smart software and mobile solutions. These IoT solutions increase the efficiency of our clients, their customers, and their employees. We work toward creating smart environments at home, in the workplace workplace, and throughout the industry.


Core Platform Optimization


Demo Preparation


Feature Development


Firmware Development


UI/UX Development


IoT Platforms Integration

Why MAAN Software has superior Media Presence?

We are fastest growing technology service providers, we are constantly growing in developing an image of our company
by providing best in class services to our clients. We take pride when our success is measured by our work.
Our success has also been seen in admired places for Techie News on the internet.