22, May 2018
Evolution of Android through ages

Android came into existence on November 5, 2007. It started as a touch interface for digital camera, which later became an uncrowned king of the operating system’s world. Android came a long way to achieve this dominance. 

Here is a quick small tour via infographics of different versions of Android highlights from the platform's birth to the Android we know today.

22, May 2018
Take a dig before beginning your journey as an Appreneur Infographics

The focus is towards Appreneur and how we can lay a hand to make things easier for them.

An Appreneur is an entrepreneur concerning or working on the mobile app domain. Typically, Appreneur is an entrepreneur who owns an app which helps in their business by directly earning money from it or by directing stable leads to the mobile-app domain business.

There are few things that…

22, May 2018
Programming Languages That Can Easily Sway Mobile App Development Era

What if I say you only must code once and can take benefit of it over many platforms. Mobile App Development has been a sin graph and with the continuous change in the era. This continuous modification may develop a lot of problem for the developers to code again and again.