Hybrid Development

Applications With Multiple Platforms.

  • Enhanced User Experience.
  • Highly Speed.
  • Ease of Integration.
  • Cost-effective.

Native app development and Hybrid apps both run on the device but for hybrid app development web technologies like HTML5, CSS and JavaScript are used. It utilizes the browser engine of your device to provide HTML and operate JavaScript. This application also takes over devices with abilities of a camera, local storage, and accelerometer. 

We have a proficient team of designers and developers who are expert in cross-platform requirements. Compiled and shared code base helps the expert team to make ingenious trendy applications for platforms such as Phone Gap, Titanium, Sencha, HTML5 and many more.
MAAN is the top-rated mobile app Development Company where the end user will find no difference in between native and hybrid apps as they both have the same appearance, launching and functioning. 

Why Hybrid app service

  • It runs on multiple platforms.
  • There is no dependency on devices.
  • It takes less time to market this service.
  • Graphics & animations are not too high. 

We at MAAN have high quality equipped services along with this, we follow all the APPLE guidelines of iOS applications and expertise user interface. We have a coalesced team of Quality Analysts who will make sure that there is no bug in the application. Our main aim is to have responsive, unique and productive hybrid app.

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