How to hire a Drupal developer? Step by Step guide to choose the best one

How to hire a Drupal developer? Step by Step guide to choose the best one

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Fri, 08/24/2018 - 10:08

In recent times, Drupal is continuously spreading its wings in potential industries. Many people are relying on Drupal communities to hire Drupal developers. There are lots of reasons to be glued with one of the best CMS. Some of them are – enterprise-level security, faster website performance, rapid development, SEO-friendly, and mobile-ready etc. With all these features, developers can build high-quality websites that fulfill all the needs of clients.

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Generally, people hire individually for front-end and back-end developers, project manager, Quality Assurance, Designers and DevOps engineers. It completely depends on your type of project or if you want to let everyone handle their duties proficiently. But when you are looking for a general solution, we would like to suggest you hire a Drupal web developer.

In this post, you will get a complete guide and pro tips for hiring a Drupal developer. Let’s get started with steps. The steps are consisting of sub-steps. One should go through each segment to cover every little detail very closely while going through the process –

Step 1

1. Be a Drupal developer


This may be a bit confusing for you but believe me, it’s a hit tip among all. Let me clear. This means you have to know more about what you are looking for. You must have a sound knowledge about the role of a Drupal developer like what he/she does and what kind of duties are being delivered by them. Take a dive into code not so deep but be with the basics so that you can go in details while hiring a particular. It will increase your knowledge and allow you to analyze how better a developer is while delivering his skills to a learner.

2. Learn as much as you can

Try to acquire some knowledge about Drupal API, its version, and the Drupal community. There is no fixed rule to learn it, but more you go with it makes you more careful and active throughout the hiring process. It will ultimately help you in choosing the best.

3.  Make a list of things you need in Drupal developer

checklist drupal

After moving thoroughly in the Drupal Developer’s profile, you have to do some paperwork. Just simply write down your requirements. Now you are much clearer with your needs, for example, if you are looking a Developer who is more in UX designing and have solid code standards i.e., a Drupal programmer or someone who is proficient in QA engineering and technical architects. Make some pointers of skills and do check it out these in the entire process.

4.  Start the process by posting your requirements


Once when you are done with your requirements, you need to share it with any medium. There are a number of job portals available to help you out in this. Also, you can put on the career page of your website. You can go to too to hire a talented Drupal professional. From fresher to most experienced as per your project requirement, you can get all in one place.

For your help- LinkedIn, Monster and Indeed can help you in getting the right guy. There are some freelancing sites too which can ease your process, for example., Freelancer, Upwork, Toptal etc.

You can check out their profile after they respond to your job requirement. Check their roles, types of project they delivered or worked before, experience on the particular skills and the way they answered your questionnaire if you had in job proposal.

Step 2

Step 2 is all about your next big move in the procedure. It will give you clear insights about a person you are going to hire. Once you are done with step 1 perfectly, you will be having a bunch of developers. It is the correct time to shoot the interview. You can prepare a set of questions in your free time just like what’s your initial thought for a project and if you ever faced a cache issue etc.

After asking a set of questions, you can ask deeply about following points which is considered as a required checklist – 

how to hire drupal developer

1. Knowledge & experience

Check the knowledge ground of selected candidates. Do consider their education and certification. You can go for alteration in this like if a candidate is holding a computer science degree, it’s a big win, but again you have to check his knowledge and experience in Drupal particularly. If he/she is an Arts or Commerce graduate, earned certifications for Drupal can work great. Site builder certificate, Acquia certification, front-end specialist, back-end specialist, and Grandmaster are some of the major Drupal certifications.

Experience is just a number, but it will definitely give you a clear idea about familiarity with different aspects. Take a glance at how long they have worked on different Drupal-based projects, how strong are their theming skills, code testing, basic debugging and web templating etc. It would be an icing on the cake if they know about frameworks and module configuration.

2. Site Activity and Community Involvement


Check out the community involvement of the candidates. You can also check their comments which they ever posted on with the help of the “Track” page. If you find their comments knowledgeful, it is a good sign that they are expert.

Sometimes, developers are not much active in the communities and forums. They are too busy with project handling, so they hardly take part in these activities. It doesn’t mean that they are lacking somewhere. This is an exceptional case, so you have to omit this step as per your technical gut.

3. Review their Code


Code review is a vital element. It is a clear measurement of code skills of a Drupal developer. You can take a thorough look at the changes made by a developer to the code. Figure out what kind of change was made and why, and most importantly verify if the change had actually worked out.

If you are not so pro in understanding code complexities, you can just check if it is well-organized and clear. Go through the comments of other developers after the changes made to get the idea if he/she had written a right piece of code.

Also, you can ask to review their code with the help of the developer’s GitHub Id. In this way, you can check their technical expertise.

Step 3 

After performing step 2, you have to move ahead to perform the final step of the process. Although you have done all core activities, there are some X-factors, which you should always search out in your Drupal developer. Let’s have a look – 

1. Support and Maintenance


Drupal websites need to be updated regularly. Most of the time, project developers never satisfy support issues. Find out one that fits in both role. Your developer should provide you with maintenance and support after completion of the project too. The developer should be liable to take security maintenance, code issues, and server related vulnerabilities.

2.  Effective Communication skills


Well, you might be thinking like why communication is required in a qualified Drupal developer. The answer is already residing in the question itself, being qualified means someone who can share and express freely so that everyone knows about what he is doing in the project. Good communication skills are the reflection of a person being smart. If someone can’t communicate clearly, he can never meet business goals and can’t be productive at all.

3.  Match up all your requirements with their personal/professional trait

You have analyzed the developers from each and every corner, now it’s time to match up all your requirements. Your pointers must be completely fulfilled along with X-factors.

4.  Analyze the perfect one and move ahead

Now, it is the time to analyze the one who is perfectly fitting in all your needs and hire him/her. Go for the one who is flexible to the work-culture, smart, multi-talented and most importantly one who can understand end-user’s needs. Once you find the right person, don’t waste your time, just hire them immediately.

The Bottom Line

In this process, things might be time taking and challenging. Going through the step by step process will end up as a most satisfying deal rather than a “Just Ok” deal. Also, you will become a pro in hiring Drupal developers. Your Drupal concepts will be more crystal clear than ever.

Many people avoid step by step strategy or skip some steps while hire Drupal developer, but trust us, they end up as a big failure by hiring a wrong person. One can bear an unwanted financial and time loss for sure if avoids any of the steps. Do perform each step carefully.

The step by step process is not only designed to hire a right developer but to get a clear picture of your project requirement, such as the scope and size of the project also. By practicing frequently, you will become a pro in hiring a Drupal developer.


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