How to choose between CMS or PHP for my website?

How to choose between CMS or PHP for my website?

How to choose between CMS or PHP for my website?
Fri, 06/08/2018 - 14:42

In website design and development there is a huge competition these days. The websites should be able to attract potential customers and we at MAAN are experts in this. There are two major frameworks common these days and they are CMS and PHP.

Now the question arises how to choose which framework is best for your website. PHP and CMS have different benefits so in order to make a selection one should know what CMS and PHP frameworks are.

With CMS one can have a complete control of the website without having much coding knowledge. There is no need for technical knowledge to edit the web content and other back-end processes while in PHP frameworks codes are customized by a developer only.

The CMS needs just log in and access details to build the website. To understand further, here are some of the CMS or PHP features to clear in a much better way that which framework is best for your website:


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1. Security concerns

These days with online businesses the biggest concern is the security. Hackers actively try to attack the website through different means and this reduces the credibility of the website.

CMS is usually open source framework means the code base is accessible for all while PHP is much better where security is the concern. In PHP due to custom code, it becomes difficult for hackers to breach the website security, unlike CMS.

For CMS developers it is really very important to download a plugin on the CMS website from a trusted source. So to have a secure website PHP is much better.

2. More Flexible

When it is about flexibility than PHP wins the race. There are some businesses which require a lot of third-party integrations and in that CMS is not much flexible, especially times when these all applications need to work independently.

CMS needs a number of modules for custom web development which itself is a tough task. PHP gives you better flexibility as the code is written by the user only, and also provides the ability to edit any application as per your use.

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3. Website Upgrades

Website up gradation is very important, according to security concerns. CMS release updates almost every month and even without upgrading your website it never harm functionality. PHP releases updates very rarely like in six months or so.

Up gradation depends on the business type. There can be users who might need an upgrade soon and there can be websites who want users to have the same old website.

4. User experience is important

When CMS's are built they are done with a well-planned website manager. It provides responsive themes with simple plug-ins and thus makes excellent user experiences. PHP doesn't have any default standard user interfaces and developers need to create special library functions. CMS is very much user-friendly for both owners and customers. It also has thousands of templates which make a CMS website look beautiful.

5. Bug fixing

It is easier to fix a bug in CMS rather than in PHP. With a framework like PHP, it is quite big, so the line of codes is big and is more manual. It becomes difficult to fix any issue while in CMS codes are simpler as the plug-ins and modules are ready to use and already tested by CMS community.

It totally depends on your requirement that which framework you should use for your business. If you need a more secure and highly customized website then yes PHP is best. But, if you need more user-friendly and easy framework, then content management system should be your first choice. 

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