How a mobile app can benefit your business idea?

How a mobile app can benefit your business idea?

Mon, 05/27/2019 - 12:43

We are hastily adopting digitization, everything around us is influenced or touched by technology. Digitization has made our lives more convenient from splurging to transferring money, accommodating oneself with easy traveling, everything is in your hands. For even a single task we have become reliant on smart mobile devices, that have become the optimum source for our entertainment

Why is it that we are becoming entirely reliant on mobile devices? 

Because of favorable apps, we cannot abandon our mobile devices for even an hour. Mobile applications give us quick and easy access to our everyday utilities e.g. for commuting we have taxi app solutions, for the food we have food app solutions, for entertainment we have news or movies app solutions, and many more. 

Even start-ups know the merits of launching an app of their brand globally as the trend has shifted to mobile first technology. Thus, commencing a business idea through an app will give you more chances of users. Here we will encourage you to begin your business with a mobile app. 

Mobile Apps: Future for Increasing Online Business Sales



These mobile devices’ core functionality runs a lot of apps that serve nearly every imaginable purpose. Businesses offer a wide range of enticing offers of their products and services which were earlier delivered through leaflets, printing advertisements, and other physical modes. Learning these attributes, you might be convinced to sell your products and services on a mobile app. 

  • Recognition of your brand 

The user will only connect to you if your app meets his needs without an effort.  Therefore, to gain a positive impression for your brand, it is necessary for you to have an informative and unique featured app. For increasing online Business sales in the future, mobile application development companies are helping small ventures in building their own business app. They help the start-ups in leveling up their business through branding.

  • Ease of Accessibility for customers 

Since the mobile application is built for quick accessibility and customer satisfaction, therefore, Enterprise mobility solution is widely in demand. A mobile application developer analyses the business goals to create an app for maximum utility and benefits for both users and small ventures.

  • Building Loyal Customers

Gaining trust among app users is difficult, but when built will draw them back. To build one app, Mobile Application Development Services work on aligning business goals on an app. Building trust on the user to use the app and interact with it regularly is more important than just downloading it and not running it. Therefore, providing new updates and offers will help in building engagement of the customer.

How can you attract more customers to grow your business with a mobile app?



Businesses hire a mobile app development company that helps them to build an app which showcases their brand. Mobile application developers specialize in delivering UI and UX app with an aesthetic landing page for high-engagement. Also, they have profound knowledge in adding subsequent features to your app, that will help in attracting more customers. Analyzing and keeping track of the usage of your app everyday by users with their particular choice of features that constantly draws them towards your app.

To stay ahead of the competition, you will require to keep updating your app. Here is what you can add:

  • Captivating customers with incentives

An application that gives rewards for sharing or recommendation, captivates users. The future of your business lies in the constant usage of your application. Therefore, rewards and incentives help build more loyal users.

  • Update with Push Notifications

Through push notifications, you can update your client about a new product or upcoming offers. You can ask for reviews and feedback from your users to gain their trust and improve in the areas needed to play long term. 

  • Improving through Communication

Creating a community network will help users reach the company directly. They will be able to share their views & tips and also be able to ask for help through the mobile application. Knowing their issues related to the app will give you the scope to improve and generate more users.

  • Smooth and Straight Forward Process

An onboarding tutorial is the most effective step to use the app. This educational trip will give a clear view of each feature to the user and navigation. With correct instructions and seamless use of the application, you will be able to evade the chances of attrition.

  • Keeping tracks and records

For the success of any mobile application, it is important for any business to perceive the user’s choice. Owning a business also demands updates, with time, this helps in bug fixing and seamless use of the application.

  • Free Subscription

To make a loyal customer you should give the user a chance to explore your app. A free subscription or trial can help the user generate interest in your app. This strategy helps those users who are unwilling to pay for any app in the beginning.

  • Adding creativity

You can add technology to your app which makes it captivating. Likewise, Starbucks has given users their app named My Starbucks Barista App. This app has AI integrated into it, collecting data from your previous order, it suggests your order and can place your order manually which goes straight to your nearest Starbucks coffee store. This intelligent app tracks your current location and assists you to the nearest store as well as give you the news of current weather.

Mobile Application Industry Statistics 

Since these service-based companies have generated revenue over time and will continue to retrieve more. We are sharing the mobile app industry growth over the years:

  • The mobile app market in 2015, generated revenue of $27.4 billion USD in American, Asian and European countries. 
  • In the year 2016, it rose to $37 billion in American countries.
  • It is estimated that the graphs of the mobile application in the Asian countries will ascent to near about $ 120 billion in the year 2019.
  • By 2020, the mobile app industry is expected to gallop to $189 billion in revenue annually.
  • When it comes to the time spent, 43% of people prefer a gaming app.
  • 26 % of people spend their time on social network app and 10 % on entertainment and utility apps.
  • The growing mobile app category in the coming year is Music where 79% of users spend their time.
  • Followed by Health and fitness apps, Social networking apps, users spend 51 % and 49% respectively.
  • Travel and Entertainment app users are comparatively lesser in percentage, 28 %, and 22%.
  • Sports, Games and news counterpart with 16%, 15% and 14% app users.

Along with these mobile applications, incoming of viruses have become a major concern. To fight back these cybercrimes and sudden attacks, a robust security system is necessary. To acquire maximum conversions and revenue, smart ventures opt for mobile applications for their business.

Best practices to follow when building a mobile app for your business



An app is a true face of your brand which must be made to deliver in the right way. Identifying your target audience and analyzing their behavior towards your app will give a good ROI. You must also analyze if, your app is meeting the needs of the user and making their lives better.

Building an app needs a lot of research, staying with the current trends, using the right UI design for better UX. There are multiple development methods to build a mobile app and other factors to take into consideration when building an app.

1. Choose a development method

  • Native

You can build your app with Native platform, where the code is written for a specific platform and cannot be used on another. This platform is considered to be one of the expensive approaches but, the entire app runs fluidly under this platform.

  • Hybrid

Due to the tedious work of writing code for each platform, cross-platform app development rose to share codes within platforms. Technologies like React Native, Xamarin & Native Script are used for this platform. Cross-platform is cost-effective as you can reuse code once made. 

  • Web

Apps designed for websites are known as web apps likewise WhatsApp works in a mobile device as an app and as a web app on the desktop. These apps are built on HTML5, CSS & JavaScript technologies that run on a mobile browser of the user. This approach is cost-effective and can be installed from a specific URL.

2. Pick your platform 

After choosing the development method or approach for an app, you will have to decide on the platform on which you will build your app. There are many platforms in the market like - Windows, iOS, Android, Blackberry & others but, you will have to research on your target audience’s preference of platform. Today’s population is either using iOS or Android, using a multi-platform developmental method would be a wise decision.  

3. Follow the app stores development guidelines

If you want your brand to get visible to the maximum, you will have to follow the guidelines of the app stores, which are the only sources for your apps to get to the users. You must test your app before sending so that it has no room for disapproval. Their guidelines follow a strict pattern which you will have to keep in mind to get your app an approval. They test if your app has any bugs in it or does it crash quickly.  Offensive or disturbing content in your app is strictly disapproved and you must provide complete and accurate information about your app (how it can improve the lives of the users). Before approval of the app, the app stores ask for a demo account to check how the app is going to work with an enabled backend. 

4. Teamwork

It is an exceptional case for too many companies that their team works together in harmony. Generally, thought processes of designers and developers do not match, which is the key point to work on any project. Thus, for a successful project, the team members must coherently come up with all their ideas and their voices must be valued. Due to diverse ideas, there are chances of conflict but, instead of restraining the idea of your team members completely you can find a solution to serve everyone's need which will help you build a strong relationship with your team for efficient teamwork.

5. Continuous Integration 

Continuous Integration is the process of testing the code at each stage of development of an app. This process is the most important approach to keep your app bugs or issue free during the developmental phase. CI is an in-built method of testing that checks the features of an app assuring a quality product for the user.

6. Build an app keeping analytics in mind 

Thinking of future perspectives, you must keep track of your app. You should be aware if, your app is being liked by the user or how many users are using your app. Through various tools available, you can keep track of the users spending time on each screen of your app, the user installing your app for the first time or reinstalling/uninstalling. You can analyze the channel through which the user reached your app - push notification, from web browser ad, etc. You can also keep the analytics of the age group using your app and gender.

7. Business Process Optimization 

Just working the way as you always did, doesn't necessarily work all the time. With time, business needs changes to work more efficiently, faster and safer. Companies are using Business Process optimization to improve their products and services and put complex workflows into a visual format to help workflow in a smarter and collaborative way. BPO evaluates the business processes to find out what's working and what needs to be improved to generate the desired results. 

In a Nutshell -

You can either drop the idea of building a mobile application or adopt it, for future perspectives. Make sure not to overlook the pitfalls, pre and post launch of the app. Have a definitive strategy for your mobile application to meet the needs of the user. You can build loyal customers by rewarding them with referrals and other discounts. Engagement of the user over your mobile app helps foster your business, eliminating frictions during usage and adding timely updates. 

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