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In recent times, mobile apps have administrated the digital world and transformed people's way of living. Nowadays medical app development companies have modernized the way the individuals keep up their fitness, hospitals diagnose their patients, health reports are being sent. For all the hospital management, healthcare specialists, patients, chemists, etc. MAAN Softwares offers great healthcare app development and solutions. The right medical app development support not only deliver faster services however also great financial advantages.

To create the best healthcare mobile app development, MAAN Softwares has an experienced medical app developer team. It allows outstanding results in healthcare preeminence, accessibility, and efficiency. Our proficient healthcare app developers provide mobility healthcare industry solutions to meet its requirements smoothly. The healthcare industry is vividly improving with the advancement of healthcare mobile app development. Healthcare app development services are less expensive, more convenient and preventive methods than ever before. Medical app development grants users endless information such as organizing the health information of the patients, keep an eye on and monitoring their progress and recovery to affording patients access. 

Our Healthcare App Development Services Build Better Healthcare IT Solutions

The health app developers and medical app developers at MAAN Softwares specialize in offering healthcare mobile app development and medical app development services. Our healthcare app developers possess great experience and innovative approach in the healthcare IT solution to develop highly efficient healthcare applications. 

custom healthcare app
Custom Healthcare App

MAAN Softwares offers custom healthcare app solutions for all medical professionals, patients, etc. Our team of proficient medical app developers effectively develop high-quality custom healthcare and medical apps

wearable healthcare devices
Wearable Healthcare Devices

A lot of consumer attraction is towards the latest technologies i.e. Wearables and IoT. For both the iOS and Android we come about connected companion apps

on-call consulting
On-Call Consulting

Receive expert supervision on healthcare mobility strategy and implementation at our top healthcare app development company. Our developers understand all your business requirements and develop the app accordingly

user experience design
Emergency Assistance App

With just a few clicks you can make available your patients with round the clock call for emergency services. Whether it is booking a lab test or calling an ambulance, make it available with emergency assistance apps

emergency assistance app
User Experience Design

The prominent developers at our team comprehend the significance of decent design in healthcare. Hence for your health care app provide you instinctive UI/UX and branding solution

back-end integration
Back-End Integration

With an operative back-end system development, our developers' aid you develop apps that are fully combined with present health IT infrastructure. Cut back the developing cost and integration smoother with make app EHR

third-party integrations
Third-Party Integrations

Through Software Development Kit (SDK), we have wide knowledge of integration. Thus to let your app connect to other non-mobile channels via robust APIs we develop middleware platforms

safety and security
Safety and Security

We offer committed healthcare mobile app development services as we take patient data security earnestly. Being a reputed digital healthcare technology partner we meet all the rules and regulations set by various healthcare authorities

application maintenance
Application Maintenance

Retain your app performance and keep it consistent with the app monitoring tools. Avail several benefits from our maintenance support such as usability enhancements, auto backup, feature extension, and more

Healthcare Mobile Application Expertise with Our Expert Healthcare App Developers Team

Among the top medical app development companies, MAAN Softwares have gained a renowned name in developing the best healthcare apps. We are a well-known medical app development company that cater its services with jam-packed features.
hospitality management

Hospitality Management

m-health app

M-Health App



telemedicine app

Telemedicine App

patient portal

Patient Portal

pharmacy app

Pharmacy App

medical claims app

Medical Claims App

wellness app

Wellness App

fitness app

Fitness App

heartrate tracking app

Heartrate Tracking App

physiotherapy app

Physiotherapy App

home nursing app

Home Nursing App

multi-clinic app

Multi-Clinic App

diet nutrition app

Diet Nutrition App

HIMS solution

HIMS Solution

RCM & billing

RCM & Billing

EMR/EHR/QHR solutions

EMR/EHR/QHR Solutions

document management

Document Management


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Contact us to get a free quote for your design and development of iPhone/iPad/Android apps. We are a leading healthcare app solution provider with an experienced team of developers

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Digital Health App Development Solution with Expert Healthcare App Developers

We are a leading healthcare solution provider offering scalable solutions in order to transform the way healthcare is administered in both perspectives i.e. care and finance.

Appointment Scheduling

From a long-time appointment scheduling can be used in many unconventional ways. Both literally and figuratively consumer problems are solved. To provide an all-in-one appointment booking experience to patients, a wide-ranging medical appointment booking app solution for clinics and hospitals is available

In the present time, people use mobile apps endlessly and feel pretty comfortable online. They can use this opportunity and get a mobile application that offers them with online appointment scheduling and many other benefits. Also, a patient can review available doctors and time for appointments with access to a web-based calendar

The patients can get informed about the canceled appointments with the help of an Automated software system. The system will send a notification to all the patients from the list when a new appointment appears. With the help of mobile applications, the patients can confirm or reject schedule change



All the healthcare apps developed at MAAN Softwares are HIPAA compliant. It secures and protects all the confidential data shared between the doctors and patients. HIPAA is the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act that sets the standard for sensitive data protection. Our developers are ready to guide you through it

Developing a medical and healthcare app the information must be encrypted all time as stated in the HIPAA regulations. Thus, with the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act, the patient’s data is protected well. The wrongdoers can use personal and private medical data of the patients against them. HIPAA guard patients against identity fraud, mainstream wrongdoing connected to individual information misrepresentation

Save your time and money by developing a HIPAA compliant medical and healthcare app from scratch. Use much conceivable ready to use elucidations is there’s no third-party service available. Our developers know superbly, how much information the user requires for them to operate the app and bring value to them


E-Pharmacy makes online medicine ordering easy. To provide convenient and reasonably priced access to otc medicines, prescription drugs, healthcare products and more, medicine ordering app is the best on-demand solution

Nearly the whole thing is digitalized these days, counting the field of medicine and healthcare. make yourself feel lucky to be in a generation where the internet can make you touch everything. There has been a lot of inventions and development in the field of medicine and healthcare to enhance the consumer experience. With the help of e-pharmacy, it is easy for consumers to buy medicine

With our well-organized medical app development services, your customers can with no trouble buy their health care products and to be delivered 100% safe and genuine. We assure that your online pharmacy works well with our medicine delivery app services. E-pharmacy is the best acquaintance for senior citizens, homemakers, rural populations, and working professionals


Healthcare IoT

Ranging from remote monitoring to smart sensors and medical device integration, the Internet of things has several apps in healthcare. Healthcare and medical IoT not only helps to keep patients healthy and safe but also to enhance how physicians deliver care as well

The Internet of Things receives enormous prospective for the healthcare and medical industry that it even has its particular alias: The Internet of Medical Things (IoMT). Patients are allowed to be treated at home or away from emergency clinics with Applications and devices in this industry. Healthcare IoT improves medicinal services, decreases strain on medical specialists

With the help of new technologies and healthcare mobility solutions, IoT can systematize patient care workflow. As a result, technology focused system lessens the cost, by cutting down needless appointments, developing improved quality resources and refining the distribution and forecasting. Healthcare IoT devices can gather, report and examine the information in real-time and cut the requirement to store the raw data

Medical Transport System

Instead of coming up for a serious health condition to get to your feet, it is more cost-effective to transport the member to preventive care. With access to enhancing transportation medical services, it results in noteworthy savings. With the growing medical transport systems, it is easy to eliminate transportation obstacles, missed medical

We have no control over this aspect of our body known as Health. At any hour of day or night, we can go from healthy to seriously ill. Thus to cater to our emergency health requirements we need the medical transport system at the same time as being conveyed to the hospital for the right care and recovery

At short notice, there is always a necessity for emergency transport or ambulances. The healthcare and medical industry are experiencing a swift development and thus patients can make use of a medical transport system in any emergency or non-emergency situation


Why Choose MAAN Softwares for Healthcare App Development Services?

Acquire broad variety of mobile healthcare solutions from our healthcare app development company. Our health app developers are knowledgeable enough to develop data-focused and market-centric mobile health solutions.
Easy Accessibility and Usage

With the app stores brimming with unimpressive healthcare apps, there is a persistent necessity to develop easy to use and available healthcare mobile app development. Our medical app developers will develop a great healthcare app according to your requirements

Great Mobility Solutions with Far-sightedness

The changing requirements of the healthcare industry are not perfectly addressed in the market. The healthcare app developers at MAAN Softwares are in the perfect position to provide curated web and mobile healthcare app development services that are highly scalable and flexible

Information Safety

Prominent developers at our healthcare application development company will support you to develop the best web and mobile solutions that are built to last the test of time. At our healthcare app development company, we are placing greatest significance on patient’s information security with the best mobility solutions

Patient Involvement

Our health app developers work hard towards the targeted healthcare industry. We address all your technology requirements by engaging best within the healthcare industry. Get the Best one-stop solution for all your health expertise with our experienced and expert healthcare app developers.

Our Feat In Mobile Industry

We intend to exert our talents and distinguish from the other android mobile application development company. It’s our aptitude, not the attitude, that determines the altitude making us the Best android application development company. Knowing the needs of others and consistency in mastering our techniques providing complete satisfaction is our highest reward. The merit in providing the Android app development services lies in finishing it to the end extraordinarily well. With a desire, dream, and a vision to render solutions have what made us the first choice among the Top Android app development companies.

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