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MAAN has a long track record of providing technology services to companies in the gaming industries with our team of IT experts allowing the right game to be delivered at the right time with the appropriate denomination securely and reliably
Passionate about the gaming industry, we are here to help you shape the technology used for the gaming industry projects
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Learn how we integrate machine learning which is currently driving player engagement and retention in the global gaming market. MAAN’s gaming solution delivers rich, flawless gaming experiences with a high-performance distribution platform for online games. By placing technology into applications and browsers we focus to improve quality, consistency, and speed of game downloads. Get on top metrics with MAAN in order to make effective business decisions for your gaming delivery strategy.

Gaming Industry Solutions

Gaming Solutions That Are Customized And Interactive

Our pool of compliance experts can effectively develop for any regulatory requirements and pre-test any game/platform before it is submitted
Web & Mobile Gaming Apps

Choose categories for the kind of audience you want to target. RGP, action or strategy tell us your choice

Multiplayer Online Games

Are you willing to develop your own multiplayer online game that can be overwhelming, when information is scarce?

Real-time turn-based games

Get the best turn-based strategy games for Android, we cover new solutions which are better than previous solutions

Sports and Racing Gaming Apps

We are in the business of digital transformation and gaming development is our passion for delivering the next viral game

Casino and Cards Game Development

We are builders of the fastest casino gameplay with new and groundbreaking solutions for the gaming industry

HTML5 Game Development

We believe to deliver futuristic games keeping an eye on the latest trends backed up with HTML5 game developers

2D & 3D Game Development

We just don’t deliver apps rather build custom Storyline gaming app, 2D and 3D based game development

AR/VR Games

Augmented reality-based gaming solutions, VR ready game development benefitting your business

We are ready to design your Website And Mobile Application.

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Game development combines many talents and involves many technologies. Fusion of technology, artistry, and creative ideas gives rise to engaging, graphical, and powerful games.

Internet of things

While each industry does have its fair share of early adopters of the Internet of things (IoT) strategies, many companies are still stalled in technology overload. The pressure to modernize the business and invest in advance technology is overwhelming. MAAN's keen on solving a plethora of problems with IoT transforming distinctive industries through defining devices that gather and convey data via the Internet. MAAN with the help of the IoT industry solutions tackle the biggest business challenges, enterprise-grade hardware, connectivity & platforms.

Blockchain technology

Learn how Blockchain technology can be applied across industry networks. Banking isn’t the only industry that is affected by blockchain technology. MAAN uses the blockchain technology to help communicate, create, share, distribute ledger of transactions over a decentralized peer-to-peer network. Each industry seems to consider technology as potentially revolutionary. As technology advances, MAAN with a wave of enthusiasm applies potential Blockchain technology globally.

Augmented Reality

Augmented reality and Virtual reality too are reshaping the diverse industries. Designed to reduce the costs of training and to enhance the customer experience primarily in the major areas MAAN provides industry solutions with AR - human resources and many more. With advancements in industrial solution, MAAN helps various industries implement custom Augmented Reality applications that integrate with cloud-based IoT platforms to improve industrial worker productivity and reduce equipment downtime.

Artificial intelligence

Machine Learning or Artificial Intelligence is playing a predominant role practically in every industry for safety and quality assurance. Some of the gigantic companies are turning to artificial intelligence technology so does MAAN has understood the potency of AI offering solutions to the companies to analyse the consumer's choices. It is reasonable to expect that AI will very quickly be used more and more, machines with the ability to think like humans could solve the greatest challenges faced in disparate industries today.
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Learn how we offer greater value to the business from design to development with a highly experienced certified team of developers giving 100% satisfaction through quality assured services