Everything you need to know about developing a website and software for your startup

Everything you need to know about developing a website and software for your startup

Everything you need to know about developing a website and software for your startup
Fri, 06/08/2018 - 14:45

You have a unique idea and the confidence that it is going to be a success. This is when you think of establishing a startup of your own. Promoting your startup is more important to reach your customers. Websites serve as an excellent promotion tool. So, in these days of the internet having a website is much of a necessity for businesses.


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Apart from a website a startup also needs to manage its everyday functions efficiently to grow. So, having software for these everyday functions is a great idea. They will be a great support in managing your startup. 
Although finance is mostly an issue with startups but having a website and web-based software is an expense that can’t be done away with.

Developing a website for your startup

Let’s have a look at some of the issues you need to deal with when designing a website for your startup company.

Have definite goals to achieve

You should have finite goals to achieve even through your website. It should, in fact, be a part of your marketing strategy. So, you need to have an effective web design to attract a lot of traffic.

The way the website must be built

The website can be designed in two ways:

  • Build the entire website in one go.
  • Incremental or phased approach.

Building the entire website all at once may give you all the features but it takes longer to develop. Also, building the entire functionality in one go is a very complicated affair. Moreover, such sites are very rarely updated.    
On the other hand, if your incremental build, the website goes live early and has the required quality. You can have the most important pages built first followed by the less important ones.

Who is going to build the website?

There are two ways by which you can build your website:

  • On your own
  • Hire professionals

You may opt to build on your own if you want to cut down the budget for website development. Even if you have the required skills building your website can be a time-consuming affair. This may take up a lot your time which you need for planning your marketing, finance, and operations.
On the other hand, getting a professional would not only speed up the process but also save time. Website maintenance and updating can be done properly.

Nature of the website

Basically, there are two types of websites – Static and dynamic.

Static websites

Those websites which only display information and provide a means of contacting you. Static websites are not popular these days except for using a static site as your pre-launch site. It consists of static pages which inform the visitors about your startup. They can contact you and you can revert to them when your website is finally launched.

Dynamic websites

They are the current trend. Most of the sites built today provide for interaction with the users like purchasing a product or service. They are more expensive than static websites but have more capability of generating business for you.

Deciding your domain name

Arriving at proper domain name is very important. Although it is said “What’s in a name?” but for a startup, it is important that people remember it so that they can revisit your site. Recognition is very important. Some important points that should be borne in mind while naming your website are:

Try to have the name of your site same as the name of your business because it is easier to remember. In case the domain name is being used by another organization you can add a relevant word to your domain names like the city in which you are located or the type of your product.

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You could also consider buying the domain name from the person/business currently owning it, although, it is a bit expensive.
Your domain name must not be too long as it is difficult to remember. You must try to keep your domain name as short as possible. Also, you must make sure that your website name is not very similar to any competitor as it may confuse the visitors and drive traffic to the competitor site.

Determine your website’s design

Determining the design of your website is very important. You must make sure the visitors to your website have all the information they need on the pages while browsing especially your contact information. You must choose attractive layouts and easy navigation for your pages so that visitors are tempted to spend more time on your website. You could either decide on the page layout on your own or take the help of professionals.

Choosing appropriate CMS

Choosing appropriate CMS

A CMS (Content Management System) lets you edit your website in a user-friendly way using a dashboard. You can take the help of professionals in deciding the right CMS for your website.

Give the much-deserved importance to your content

The content on your website must be well thought of and impressive. This is very important about the visitors. The content must be able to hold a visitor’s attention. You should try to create attractive catch lines which the users remember. This can ultimately lead to sales.
These days content marketing plays a very important role in promoting your site. In fact, content marketing is very crucial from SEO point of view as well.

Including blogs and articles

Blogs are helpful not only in answering common queries and informing the customers but also help your website escalate the search engine rankings.
Articles contain facts and statistics which are also a great source of information to your audience. An article is longer than a blog and more formal.  Both these can help to promote your website.

Including social media links

You should include links to your social media pages not only in the contact information but also on the home page at a position which can easily be noticed by the visitors. This will be helpful in increasing your social media followers.

A few more useful tips worth considering for your website

Since you are a startup organization, your website is a very important promotion tool for your organization. So, some of the following options must be worth considering:

  • You can include a video demonstrating your product or service. This is a good option as visitors may find going through the description a cumbersome task.
  • You can promote your brand even through your 404 pages. Design your 404 page such that it tells your product’s story.
  • Let people know about you through testimonials. Testimonials go a long way in building the trust of your customers. They help in building your reputation.
  • Case studies of your projects can be published on your website. People who want to do business with you want to know about your previous projects, so case studies prove to be a great help. They also help in building your reputation.
  • You must integrate a strong call to action on your website. A call to action tells the customers what they should do when they land on your website, for instance, calling a number, posting a query, giving email, buying a product/service etc.

Finding a suitable hosting company

You can initially opt for shared hosting but as the traffic to your website increases, a dedicated server is the best option. You can also go for reseller accounts which help to host several small websites within a single account.

Promoting your website

Like any other product, it is important to market your website to attract more and more traffic. Digital marketing provides numerous tools which can be used to promote your website like banner ads.


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Developing software for your startup 

Not only having an effective website is important for a startup but having properly designed software for its day to day working is also equally important. Find Top United States Software Developers.
Here are some useful software suggestions you would worth considering.

Accounting Software

Accounts can be very complicated for any organization, so it is important to have an accounting software for your organization. Accounting software lets you determine the financial position of your organization. It also helps you in tracking the financial transactions with your clients so that you can follow up. Accounting software helps you to keep a sound financial position.

Customer Relationship Management(CRM) Software

Customer Relationship Management(CRM) Software

A CRM software helps to store all the information about your customers. You can also keep a track of all the interactions with your customers. A software for CRM becomes a necessity as the number of customers grows. It is important to keep all customer information for healthy customer relations.

Project management software

You can manage your projects efficiently with a project management software. It helps you plan and schedule for projects and aids in efficient resource allocation.

Product management software

It can help you keep track of all the stages of product development from planning to marketing. It will thus, help you manage your product development efficiently.

Other useful software

One of the important software is Email software. It lets you connect with your customers. You can get an email account from your hosting company or use free email services like Gmail or Yahoo etc.
You also need a word processing software like Microsoft Word for your website. In addition to that, a presentation software like Microsoft PowerPoint can help you develop attractive slides for presentations.
Apart from this, you can use spreadsheet software like Microsoft Excel for performing the various analysis.


With more and more people shifting to the Internet for their business or other needs, having an effectively designed website is much of a necessity. If your startup has a website that has all the qualities of engaging customers, it can escalate your business to new heights.
Apart from this, having efficiently designed software for your startup is in fact, a great support. You can manage all your activities well and save time. So, in today’s digital economy the usefulness of website and software for a startup cannot be underestimated.

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