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Providing a comfortable and accommodating place to work is a top priority. MAAN'S culture advocates balancing home, work, and life. Join us!

We Value

We believe that teamwork possesses the power to retaliate all the odds. It can achieve the unachievable through selflessness. We keep the doors of communication always open for all irrespective of the domain of a worker.
A gown having fabrics of Honesty never gets obsolete to wear on. Thus, we always prefer making honest commitments before falsifying about any service or exchange. We understand that exaggeration never brings in the big things.
In MAAN, we are pretty conscious over time management. We believe in investing a required amount of time on a task despite having extra of it, as the time indeed is of more worth than money.
The taste of cuisine actually creates the Brand value but not the casing which is wrapped outside by the manufacturer. Thus, we here prefer to focus on the quality of a product rather than just completing it.
Zeal for YOUR work is the most vital thing you should have to fit in any organization. We here, at MAAN, work with an attitude of keeping work above our comfort and believe that a person should be more passionate for his work rather than other perks.

Top-Notch Mobile App, Web and Software Development Company

The top-notch and preeminent Web and Mobile App Development Company of USA with its global presence in India, UK, UAE, Australia, South Africa, and Germany, MAAN Softwares is the first-rate choice of the client's worldwide. With sheer customer satisfaction in mind, we are profoundly dedicated to developing highly intriguing apps that strictly meet the business requirements and catering a wide spectrum of projects.

We provide the solution from Startup to Enterprise level company. As a mobile and web app development company, we ensure that you get the attention of your target audience and the increasing number of customers on the website or mobile app.

To provide top-notch mobile and web app, we ensure we have a team of dedicated developers who offer the best enterprise IT solutions in the industry. Our more than six years of expertise in the industry of web and mobile app development, an excellent reputation guarantees our clientele that nothing can go wrong with their quest for an exceptional product from us whether it is startup or enterprise level product.


Our Infrastructure

MAAN has Professional & Creative IT Infrastructure located at USA, India, where trending IT Solutions developed by experts

Welcoming enthusiastically:

The time you enter any office or area, it is the emblem to the inside look and infrastructure of any office. We at MAAN gives a symbol of punctuality where all the work is completed on time with complete satisfaction from the client end.

We welcome clients, startups, Event managers and employees wholeheartedly.

The Ideal Atmosphere:

It is said that Design and Development are the most important part of any web and app development company for the inception of ideas and innovation.

To avail excellent quality of products and perfect output we give our team a solicitous and modern infrastructure which motivates them to work in an efficient manner and productively. We follow certain steps to prepare strategies

Linking via Conference & Community Room

Discussions and meetings always play a crucial role in relevant actions for fulfilling client needs. We have a conference room and community rooms where employees can communicate, interact, discuss, discuss ideas, speak and again discuss about the elements which are pre-decided for development.

We are a company who builds transparency with clients and our team for all the projects we deal with and provides you trust, respect and king size quality. In every sphere, we are nothing but best for design.

An Ultraclean Infrastructure

Infrastructure behaves as a stimulus for all working spaces as the stress-free and comfortable atmosphere is necessary for employees and as a result of it the output will be polished and streamlined. We are always prepared to assist the client’s requirements and possession.

We have used the latest technologies and tools for the development of projects and makes us unique from other competitors.


MAAN is looking for talented and skillful professionals from tech and design domain to be a part of a reputed web & mobile application development firm that has developed more than 600+ projects.

To apply for any of the below position, email your resume / updated CV to