Boost Your Business With Latest Trend in Web Design 2017

Boost Your Business With Latest Trend in Web Design 2017

Boost Your Business – With Latest Trend in Web Design 2017
Fri, 06/08/2018 - 14:14

In order to get the limelight across the web, website playing a prominent role. As we already know that the trend of web design is continuously transforming and it is necessary to keep an eye on current technology and trend to match with the expectation of the client.

In the previous year, it has been seen a lot of new ideas and technologies with all main browser that strongly supporting CCS3 and HTML5 standards along with super-fast JavaScript engines. Web designer never had the various options at their creative disposal.

In any online business good web design is very necessary because it takes you a long way forward on this path. Actually going with the recent trend will raise your business and reputation in the similar market.

Hence, it is important to early understands the new trends will give you an edge over your competitors. So here are some trends of 2017 have a look.


1. Implementation of Responsive Design

Implementation of Responsive Design


Responsive design is a prominent approach in order to develop a site. By using CSS media queries and flexible layout/grids to develop an individual site which adjusts its content and fix automatically according to various size devices. 


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The best part of responsive design is that permits the clients to pay for just a single site created which effectively provides contents on tablets, mobiles, laptops, and desktops.


2. Age Responsive Design

Age Responsive Design


Responsive web design can fix the content of the website according to the device screen resolution or size. Later on, website design will have the capacity to adjust content in light of the client's age. Various advertising companies are also customizing theirs according to their customer's interest.

Hope to see sites that will give changing content crosswise over various age groups so they won't read similar books or viewing similar shows. In 2017, there will be an expansion of metadata that will give age-particular adjustments to sites, including the accompanying:

  • Font-related variables will end up plainly greater and clearer for the elderly to see.
  • Colour scheme be modified relying on the client's age. This will see more dynamic hues, while more established clients will get the opportunity to see a milder colors plan.
  • Expansion and contraction of route menus will be found on the client's competency level. For stripped-down interfaces will make it more helpful for them to peruse through the site or application while utilizing the UX components that they are as of now acclimated to.

3. SEO Continues To Influence

SEO Continues To Influence


Generally, all owner of the website wants to be in competition. For that, it is important that website optimizes according to the current rule and trends described by the search engine which helps to reach on top of search engines.

As per trends, search engines become more intelligent fool them with smart techniques. In this website design has to fluid and well organized to increase the traffic on the website.


4. Visual Story Telling

Visual Story Telling


Might be you rarely heard about storytelling in building the content map of the website. But the next approach is Visual Storytelling because visual content always works better than a simple one it makes content more alive and attractive.

According to a recent report, it is noticed that around 45% internet user view at least 1 video per month, so around 100 million people watch video daily in which approx. 64% purchase that video and after watching this around 80% view remember that video for at least 30 days and around 92 % will shares this online with other.

This data simply represents that human perception and visual elements are 60 times faster than reading words.


5. Boost Mobile Browsing

Boost Mobile Browsing


With the advancement in technology, more user will avert attention towards smart devices like mobile instead of purchasing desktops. This will ultimately boost the demand for mobile apps and website version. Basically, user ignores that website who did not browse on mobile and ranked low on search engines. This effect will impact in future.


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A new advancement in web design will basically focus on making ease to the user interface so there is no tacky stock images, complicated navigation, and no heavy web pages. In order to increase a website, performance and overall appearance Flat designs and material shall combine.

With regards to the patterns affecting client desires and how obvious their locales will be on the undeniably refined web crawler result pages. Or maybe, you as a designer ought to be profitable and advocate for the better outline.

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