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By ashley
24, October 2018
mobile app development

We all are diving in the world of Smartphones and tablets. The backbone of these gadgets are –applications, which in general known as - Mobile apps.

Mobile apps provide a lot of benefits to the end-users and organizations. Business owners are delivering apps for different purposes such as – customer awareness, revenue generation, workforce productivity etc. This leads to emerging…

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By ashley
09, October 2018
16 best and the most useful Drupal 8 modules

Drupal powered by an open source community is the leading CMS across diverse channels. This cookie cutter has miscellaneous solutions for a distinguished experience creating an exclusive arena. Drupal is the apt choice to incorporate frameworks digitally. It also provides dynamic performance with Sterling Security. This scalable and compelling platform fused with modules induce customization…

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By ashley
26, September 2018
various phases of mobile app development lifecycle

A mobile app is a necessity in today’s scenario. Every business needs it. Building a mobile app is not a smooth task, it contains a lot of up and down in it. There is a complete lifecycle which needs to be followed with all steps.

In this post, we would like to explain the required steps for mobile app development.

Let’s get started –

1. An idea to analyze and…

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By ashley
03, September 2018
Prestashop development

In today’s times, when almost everything is available with the click of a mouse or a tap on a smartphone, it is very casual that most businesses want to go online. An online store can provide a much-wanted push to the business.

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Nowadays, many e-commerce platforms are available in the market which can…

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By ashley
24, August 2018
Hire Drupal Developer

In recent times, Drupal is continuously spreading its wings in potential industries. Many people are relying on Drupal communities to hire Drupal developers. There are lots of reasons to be glued with one of the best CMS. Some of them are – enterprise-level security, faster website performance, rapid development, SEO-friendly, and mobile-ready etc. With all these features, developers can build…