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By ashley
10, June 2019

Whether you are an entrepreneur looking to sell handmade goods online or a travel blogger who wants to let others see the world through your eyes, the value of having your own website is unmatched.

Apparently, building a website from scratch to fully operational is no easy task, and it’s best reserved for those with substantial web development skills. However, thanks to web…

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By astha sharma
27, May 2019

We are hastily adopting digitization, everything around us is influenced or touched by technology. Digitization has made our lives more convenient from splurging to transferring money, accommodating oneself with easy traveling, everything is in your hands. For even a single task we have become reliant on smart mobile devices, that have become the optimum source for our entertainment. 

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By ashley
21, May 2019

MAAN Softwares is not your average development agency. What sets us apart from our competitors is our team is compiled with a number of different talents which can assist a wide array of client’s problems and help put our clients at the top of their industries. 

Recently, we were featured in Clutch’s 2019 report on the leading B2B agencies in India, and we couldn’t be more excited!…

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By astha sharma
24, April 2019

Today, where everyone is relying on mobile applications for everyday needs, savvy people never miss a chance to earn profit out of it. To proliferate their business, they opt for building applications that not only demonstrate their work but bring valuable customers. 

Mobile and web development is an aspiring field but, mobile app development companies and website development companies…

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By aayush Goswami
13, March 2019
A guide to online store OpenCart vs Magento vs Shopify vs WooCommerce

Content management systems, frameworks, and online shopping portals have become an alternative for web/mobile development world. The conventional long span in developing a website or application has been replaced by available plug-ins, extension codes etc.

Earlier, each and every brick of a structure was being placed by the hands of a developer itself, and then the scratch used to…