Apple Card–A Brilliant Move Post iPhone Strategy

Apple Card–A Brilliant Move Post iPhone Strategy

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Mon, 10/14/2019 - 18:34

Apple has launched its credit card known as Apple Card which is developed by Apple Inc. partner with Goldman Sachs and Mastercard. This credit card can be basically used with Apple Pay on Apple devices such as iPhone, iPad, Mac or Apple Watch. The Apple card was released on August 20, 2019, in the United States. To help overcome the sales weakening of iPhone, Apple Card is a strong plan. For the tech giants, this is the method to reinvent the wheel by fixing the old-style products. 

Apple’s Credit Card History Days Back

Very few know about the fact that Apple’s first credit card was launched in 1986. As stated in a report by the Cult of Mac, the first credit card was simply of plastic and not a titanium one. On the top left corner, there was a small logo in rainbow colors along with card number and card owner name under it. A number of credit cards were issued in the 1980s and 1990s by tech giants. However, the company discontinued them later.
The sale of iPhone has started to slow and it became widespread for years. Before it speeds up its way into TV, news, film and mobile payments, Apple has tried to compete with the standard ever-changing accomplishment of the App Store and iTunes.


Features of an Apple Card

features of apple card


  • No Multiple Users- One of its features is that Apple Card does not support multiple users. People having two shared credit cards with a single account will not benefit the same thing with Apple Card.
  • Privacy and Security- Privacy and confidentiality is the one strongest feature of Apple Card. All your devices that are stored firmly will get a diverse credit card number. Using the face ID or concerned person’s fingerprint, you can access the PIN code. It is difficult for an attacker to use the card without your consent as Apple offers the feature of rotating security code. 
  • Transparent Transaction Tag- Apple Card make all your transactions clear as it uses Apple maps and machine learning. Apple is resolving its problem of a puzzling arrangement of trimmed letters on the opening of a credit card statement. 
  • Physical Card- The Apple Card owners will get a physical titanium card with a laser-etched name and Apple logo. All the info will be available in the Apple wallet such as CVV code, card number, expiration date or signature. 
  • Instant Notification- Apple Card will notify you every time you made a purchase. You will be notified of any unusual activity happening. 
  • No Credit Card Fees- There is no kind of late fees, overdraft, advance cash, international or annual credit card fees with Apple Card. When carrying a balance, it charges valid interest and any exchange fee that is normally charges to the retailer. 

The company is going one step further with the Apple Card, and trying to capture not just what you use but also the financial means you use to do so. Apple Card fits Apple’s product strategy. While it competes with other credit cards, which offer similar things, it is the total experience and the sum of its parts that distinct it from the pack.

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