Android or iOS- What to Opt with a Restricted Marketing Budget?

Android or iOS- What to Opt with a Restricted Marketing Budget?

comparison between Android or iOS for app development services
Mon, 12/02/2019 - 17:35

Apple iOS and Google’s Android are two of the revolutionary and cutting-edge operating systems. Both the operating systems offer captivating features and cutthroat competition to each other. With continual improvisation, these operating systems are shaping the world of mobile devices. However, the question is which operating system to choose when you have a limited budget to get required outcomes. Become familiar with various parameters by conducting in-depth research that goes into deciding on the Android and iOS platforms. Here are some factors that can help you in choosing the right platform based on your marketing budget.

  • App Registration Cost- The primary step would be to get your app registered, on Play Store for Android and on App Store for an iOS app. Whereas App Store’s one-year registration cost will be $99, on the other hand, the Play Store is somewhat cost-effective with a one-time registration fee.
  • Targeted Outreach- Another key parameter that influences the choice between the two platforms within your budget restrictions is the location of your prospective customers. Android is incredible in the event that you have to focus on an assorted statistic over the worldwide market however it falls behind with regards to the US market.
  • ASO Cost- Whether you invest in Android or iOS app development, App Store Optimization (ASO) is critical to app’s success. Even your app looks the best, it will not be visible to the audience unless it is displayed somewhere on the top of App Store/Play Store. ASO guarantees the same, making it a vital part of your application marketing budget.


Cost per install of iOS and Android apps


  • Cost Per Install- Cost per install (CPI) is the equivalent of Pay Per Click (PPC). CPI plays a major role in choosing one between the Android and iOS platform. CPI implies you need to pay just when the client installs your application. No matter how many people view the advert, payment will be made after the installation. As per stats CPI rates are higher of App store in contrast with Play Store.
  • Push Notification Responses- benefit in Android app development is Android users are more active than iOS users when it comes to response to push notifications. Perhaps one reason behind this is Android push notifications stays on the screen or notifications bar until clicked whereas iOS notifications disappear after the first unlock.


We understand it becomes a little complicated to choose one platform between iOS and Android, after discussing the above-mentioned factors. To make the right decision you can further ask for expert help based on the complete overview of your necessities, challenges, prospects and financial plan. Design your mobile products effectively with the help of genuinely good designers available in the industry.
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