Android 10 Released- Everything You Need to Know About Its Features

Android 10 Released- Everything You Need to Know About Its Features

Everything You Know About Android 10
Fri, 10/25/2019 - 11:14

Android 10 is here! So, the final version of Google’s new operating system is released for Android phones. Its new version name is Android Q which is available as a beta release. By accessing the Android 10 operating system give your data a greater clarity, security, and control. In the middle of the security-related changes, a rebrand, and long-late highlights, distinctly Google has been occupied with this one.

Have a Look at Some of the Android 10 Features Worth Knowing

1.    Dark Mode/Theme- Google has tried different things with a framework wide dim mode for quite a while. However, the company made it official with Android 10. When you make active the battery saver option, Dark Mode can be activated via a quick-tile setting. Once you allow it, well-matched apps will also go dark, offering you a unified experience.

2.    Focus Mode- Focus mode is one of the vital user-facing Android 10 features that is an extension of the Digital Security Set. With Android 10 Focus Mode, users can, for the time being, disable apps that they feel are distracting their current activity.

3.    Smart Reply for all Messaging Apps- Smart message replies is now supported by Android 10 apps. Smart Reply is a handy way to save time and get suggested responses in the likes of WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger. Get more applicable choice on message content with the Android 10 Smart Reply feature

4.    An Improved Sharing Menu- For a while now the Android’s share menu has been blistering chaos. The sharing functionality of this platform is being disapproved by many Android fans for being slow. Luckily, Google has revamped this menu in Android 10. In comparison to the legacy menu, the new sharing menu is destined to be much faster. However, on the other hand, it should make a superior job of suggesting contacts and applications for sharing.

5.    New Gesture Navigation- Android 10 has introduced full-screen navigational gestures by amending the way you interact with your device. For the first time ever, the back button has been substituted with a side-swipe gesture. To go Home you can directly swipe up from the bottom of your screen, while with a left or right swipe it will lead you back to the previous page. To get to the ongoing applications menu, swipe up from the bottom of your screen and hold before releasing it.

live caption for android 10


6.    Live Caption- There are numerous apps where you can discover proper or automatic captions but then again at the choice of an app developer. Android 10 offers you a feature of Live Caption that will add titles to anything you play including videos, phone calls, video or audio calls you have recorded yourself. You can do all this with the touch of a volume button and a tap of an appropriate icon, and without demanding an internet connection.

7.    Privacy Permissions- In this update, Google has makeover Android’s privacy settings. Android 10 creates separate permissions for audios, photos, videos and downloads rather than extensive permissions for all your device storage. Its Privacy Permission feature also redesigned location consent which lets applications possibly observe your position when you are effectively utilizing them, rather than a straightforward on/offsetting.

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