8 Common Mistakes Could Lose Your Site Traffic

8 Common Mistakes Could Lose Your Site Traffic

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Wed, 07/31/2019 - 11:04

Are you having mistakes that lose your site traffic?
Are you tired of tweaking the design of your website, or adding more content and features, but still get measly leads from your website?
We know the frustration you face, really.
There's nothing worse than working so hard on building your website, creating appealing landing pages, sales page, etc. and just a few or zero clients visiting or losing your site traffic.
Why Should You Avoid Mistakes That Lose Site Traffic?
Website traffic plays an important role in indicating and driving business growth. It can help you:
●    See how well your marketing is working
●    Gather your customers' insights to make decisions
●    Improve SEO and search engine credibility
●    Generate more leads, increase conversions then get more customers.
Yet, achieving these advantages, driving traffic to your website the right way, but not every time it works. What could be possibly the problem? .
I mean you have a great website and have all the components in place ready to capture those leads and increase the traffic to your site. So why aren't you getting more?
Well, there could be a whole variety of reasons why, but for now, let's just look at 8 possible reasons and how to deal with each problem.

1. Complicated Checkout Process:

Remember that the checkout process should not require too many steps. It turns off the customers' excitement, then they will move out of the site during the checkout phase. The result is that you will lose a huge number of customers who were actually interested in buying your products. Then you are having mistakes that can lose your site traffic.
To prevent this, you can add the Magento 2 One Step Checkout Extension that helps speed up the whole checkout process as it would simplify a complex step into one simple step.

Checkout Screen


 Simply put, when you put the buying easier for customers, they will stay more loyal to you.

2. The Home Page Is Not Optimized:

Let me show you the obvious here.
A beautiful designed home page is bound to get noticed over a terrible looking website, agreed?
In fact, 48% of people, according to Blue Corona, believe a website's design to be a primary factor in showing the credibility of a business.
However, not just having a great looking website that matters, it's also the usability and optimization of it.
For instance, a homepage that proves to be far too challenging to navigate around, or one that doesn't provide great user experience, will surely frustrate people even more.
Let's agree that a non-user friendly, poorly designed page won't help you to get more clients. Then you can lose your site traffic at this point.
If your home page is lacking a simple and clean design and layout, it's time to pull it out of the dark ages. The longer you get it, the more money you'll get on the table.

3. Showing Low Picture Quality:

Pictures are worth a thousand clicks.
Here's probably one of the most important keys for optimizing your Magento product page: high-quality photos.
Humans are incredibly visual creatures. For sure, 90% of the data that is transmitted to the brain is purely visual. That means we are wired for pictures as the brain can process pics 60,000 times faster than text. If your website doesn't provide great photos, you're gonna lose your site traffic with one of the biggest mistakes.


Quality Images


Nowadays, there are many tools that help you to control the quality of the pictures. Hence, here are a few things to keep in mind when selecting pics:
●    Go for quality - stick to high-quality images for best impact.
●    Size matters - choose the suitable size and make sure that your customers can see the products clearly.
●    Get the best angle - take a perfect shot of products that can give customers the complete picture.

4. Low Interaction With Customers:

The most important step to becoming a successful buyer (or converting) is to communicate with users who are beyond a certain level of interest. However, some still fail to get more leads and clients they lose their site traffic to one of the most serious mistakes. This will become a big mistake for those who sell bulk, specialized products or B2B but don't want to public prices.


Easy Display


One of the reasons why, is because they are missing a tool that can help to create a negotiation between seller and buyer. Which means customers can send quotes with custom prices and custom product quantity that can be done quickly. When communicating with your ideal customers, make sure you state all information customer want to be offered.
The more you interact with your customers, the more traffic you can get.

5. Put All Of Your Fields On One Really Long Page

I'm sure that you may have experienced it. Cruising along on a site, really moving at breakneck speed on whatever you're working on, then the site needs you to enter some information. You click through the form and then only you see is that the form just keeps going. And going. How many fields are there in here?
This is absolutely the worst thing that could happen. Your users were totally into the site, jetting along, choosing stuff done, but when they got to the form, they were like, "Thanks, but no thanks" and closed the window. They convert from highly prospective customers to nothing, all because of one ridiculously large one page form.


Short form


What you need to do is to use multiple forms that break a crazy long form into multiple pages. By using page breaks and breaking down your fields into logical chunks per page, your users will find it more easy to understand what's going on, and make it feel like they are making progress. Furthermore, this can also help you to seduce your users into finishing the form by cultivating their innate momentum to finish the form. You get your data and your customer feels comfortable after finishing your form. Everyone is happy.

6. Your Blog Does Not Resonate With Audiences Properly:

Having great website content is considered to be as important as any tools to avoid mistakes that can lose site traffic.
The problem with a lot of website owners and bloggers is that they don't truly know how to write web content that can captivate their audiences properly.


Posts arrangement


Here are some examples of what some bloggers and marketers are doing wrong, to begin with -
●    Their content is not actionable.
●    They don't address a problem or help to solve a problem.
●    Their content is put together using huge blocks of texts, without visuals, videos make most of it unreadable.
●    Their website copy focuses too much on features instead of benefits.
●    They create content that is far too self-promotional. (huge mistake)
●    Their blog topics are completely unaligned with their business or marketing goals.
If you are facing with one of these mistakes, ask yourself, "How can you improve your content?" Do some research even. Check out with your nearest and dearest competitors to compare with their website content.

7. Your mega menu gives a bad impression:

In a website, mega menu is one of the most necessary tools that is used for searching and exploring products having in the store. However, some handful of navigation elements lead the user confused sometimes as they don't know which one goes straight to another page. Even there are some menu items with dozen of products and menus can confuse website's visitors.


e-commerce web page


Hence, you can easily customize a mega menu that should be clear, well-organized and visually appealing with the users. If the menu is hidden, all of the keywords that users are looking for will disappear as well, or else your customers will choose to ignore your page.

8. Online Cross-Selling Is Not Optimized:

Nowadays, multi vendors are becoming a new trend among many online businesses thanks to the success of eBay, Amazon, etc. If your target is to heading out world-wide on a multi-territory expansion programme, you have to prepare a multi-marketplace that can provide the best products for your customers. The more products you have, the more visitors will come to your website.


cross selling optimization


to as cross-selling or up-selling. It encourages visitors to check other items and thus, open the possibilities of higher sales, too. Customers will stay more on the Magento store which means the chances of exploring the store increases by a huge margin.
Wrapping up:
So here are 8 potential mistakes that your website might face with and how to deal with them.
That being said, it could be something else entirely though.
For example, it could be that your website is not easily accessible or it could be that your product/service fees are simply too low, or too high.
It could be something simple that you can easily figure out.
So, if your website isn't attracting more leads and customers to your business, don't just sit there waiting. Explore, do something except hoping that someday it will all change for the better.

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