7 Trends for Mobile Application Development in 2017

7 Trends for Mobile Application Development in 2017

7 Trends for Mobile Application Development in 2017
Fri, 06/08/2018 - 12:32

As the smartphones are booming on a good scale, there is a need for mobile applications boosting up. Google and Apple apps have covered every area of 21st-century lifestyle. The wearables, IoT-enabled devices, smart cars almost everything is available through mobile applications.

This gives a huge requirement for mobile applications and an opportunity for entrepreneurs. Cloud-based applications are in trends these days and should have the capability to sync data with the server in real time. Some of the mobile trends these days are given below: 


1. Instant Applications

With the increase in applications, Instant apps are prominent in the market. These apps do not require downloading and installation and run with just a single tap. It runs as per the requirement of the user. These apps are time-saving as one can have a quick insight with the preview versions. 


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2. Location-based apps still on the top

As the GPS availability on the mobile phones is increasing rapidly people are moving towards location-based application where real-time information and deals can find out as per their whereabouts.  Some of the features available for LBS are navigable, traveling, security, tourism etc. 


3. Internet of Things integration

The companies which are in the field of health, automobiles, and health are more moving towards the IoT which is a tough procedure. It needs the backend which can communicate with the device data.  


4. Security Concerns

These days the security concerns are becoming more than ever. The coding or API’s of secure apps are a bit different from the insecure applications. Even the Apple’s iOS is moving towards swift its own programming language because of security concerns. 


5. Need for Big data applications

Programmers are becoming cautious in maintaining a correct ratio between both the user-friendly interfaces and trustworthy applications, especially in big data applications. The big data applications are improving by the very next day and combining many features like cloud connectivity and data processing etc.


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6. Start with the Development of business applications

The enterprise applications are on a boom and need to be attractive for the increase in sales. These apps are in demand because of two reasons: one id it has become easier to maintain 24* 7 interactions with both the potential and current clients.

The second is that it becomes painless to have custom applications for day to day management tasks. One of the best examples of it is a CRM app for mobiles which is used to update the sales related tasks of employees. 


7. Artificial Intelligence is needed for apps

AI has a huge impact on the applications and can be like a picture changing as per your mood.  The apps with AI has more market value than others. The applications of photo filters can be more innovative with AI.

UI and UX are also one of the primeval parameters to sell your app but on the same side, these all parameters play a huge role in your mobile application. You can have the best at MAAN Softwares INC. in your time zone.

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