5 Ways into App Optimization to Suffice Needs of Customer Retention

5 Ways into App Optimization to Suffice Needs of Customer Retention

5 Ways into App Optimization to Suffice Needs of Customer Retention
Mon, 07/01/2019 - 15:35

“Get closer than ever to your customers. So close that you tell them what they need well before they realize it themselves.” 
                                                                                                                                         – Steve Jobs

A mother needs to engage her child in learning good habits of growing up, so she knits the magic words into a story. But if she had just quoted the good habit, without any fancy decoration, the kid was not going to remember it in the next moment. 

Coming to the life of grownups, the e-stores and customers share the same relationship. The only difference is money-matter. In the end, business only wants to engage customers on the better side of their page. 

As it seems, apps are undeniably a gem for the world which everyone is carrying around. Thus, companies with mobile apps are doing a tremendous, commendable job when it comes to attracting and retaining users. 

If you don’t already have an app or want to upgrade the features, first take a visit to a mobile app development company in USA. Later the following set of tricks will raise the bar of conversion.

Beware, before you move forward, the app optimization does not have a magic wand, that one wave and all the customers will stay back. These efforts can only guide you, how you choose to place them on the table is your decision. 

Analytics: The Master Key for every Data


For stepping into the puddle of higher customer engagement, it is inevitable to have hands on all the necessary data.

The different pieces of information give reason where the app is lacking. Is it the layout, any features, or the backend operations that need an upgrade. 

And analytics provides a keyhole to look at the conversions happening on the application. 

On top of that, with all the metrics on the table, the drawbacks of the app (if any) can be treated well-in-advance.

Seek reasons for Customer’s return 


“Your most unhappy customers are your greatest source of learning.” – Bill Gates

There is no flip side of the coin when we say unhappy customers won’t return to your app. On the other hand, some happy users are also seen clinging back to the app.

This is no time to be jolly or upset because you want to know for what reasons the users are retaining or leaving the app. Begin the hunt with moving the dust off from the type of users.

The purpose of your app speaks a lot about what kind of users you will attract. An expert analysis once said, “The people returning for the next round of interaction is the major part of your target audience.”

Know what’s bringing them back, to make it a vital element of the app.

In the end, you can always pick on a survey and ask for reasons for their return. Focussing on what is widely adopted by the people, gives you an edge over customer retention.

Loyalty is a Two-way Street

The world is supposed to run on the give and take relationship, very being expects something from the other. If such is the case of the general public, then businesses and customers are bound to have a relationship alike. 

Thus, when mobile app development companies wish loyalty from the user’s end, it is the responsibility of service providers to return the same loyalty. 

Some of the exciting tricks that will show businesses loyalty towards users are;

Offer reward programs, premium offers, loyalty points, and bonuses. For those who have visited the app at least once or twice, such promotional offers will keep them coming.

Further, to fish for the new market, the retained customers are the best marketers you can get.

Focus Energy on User Onboarding

In any sports game, the last few minutes of the match are crucial and every one of the players is running down with sweat of stress. That’s a particular situation of a physical game.

However, in the mind game of developing a mobile app, the period while the user is boarding is critical as a patient on the operation table.

All your resources; the mind, technology, and features should focus on those first 20 seconds. All the good or bad that is to happen will land on your lap in these seconds of the first impression.

So, to begin with, impress your users by keeping all the advantages on the plate, decorated with features and creative layout. There’s no need to say it aloud; but remember, keeping the user excited and engaged is all you must focus.

While onboarding is only a piece of the pie in the retention, the presence of this strategy stands as a pillar between the real customer retention. 

Retain them by Ease of Gestures

If there is one thing that can both frustrate and enlighten the users, it is the gestures of a mobile app. 

While a particular app has various users, the flexibility of the gesture also varies. The teenagers hopping from one game to another need the gaming app to be rich with UX. 

A level below this comes, where app users are working professionals or senior citizens. The choice of app changes and so does the need for a flexible gesture.

Flexibility is good, but what if the gestures are totally unresponsive? 

When the user tries to handle the app in a certain way and does not get an expected response, it’s time to call on for mobile app development services. The reason is; either you do not have that gesture or the link to feature is broken.

In any case, the app developers now know what their users need and can focus on delivering the best experience.

Chasing Ideas for Customer Retention

App optimization will always remain the need of the hour. New possible features, developments, and improvements will always be a part of the mobile app.

The above-stated approaches will help you begin the journey to customer retention. However, even these tips will change with time.

Generations change, people change so, the crux of a better mobile app experience also turns. So there’s only one golden rule to follow “Customers are your ultimate priority.” If this is done right, rest all strategies will fall into place on its own.

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