16 best and the most useful Drupal 8 modules

16 best and the most useful Drupal 8 modules

16 best and the most useful Drupal 8 modules
Tue, 10/09/2018 - 11:43

Drupal powered by an open source community is the leading CMS across diverse channels. This cookie cutter has miscellaneous solutions for a distinguished experience creating an exclusive arena. Drupal is the apt choice to incorporate frameworks digitally. It also provides dynamic performance with Sterling Security. This scalable and compelling platform fused with modules induce customization and functionality bundled as starter kits for better optimization. Apparently, Drupal offers effortless sharing, working, distributed under GNU General Public License cost-free. 

This platform is explored by the media companies BBC, NBC, and MTV UK to regale and universities like Amnesty International and the University of Oxford. The latest, Drupal 8 has remarkable features beating the complex ecosystem with the responsive web designs incorporated with over 100 languages and 200 revised features. From small ventures to comprehensive organization’s Drupal offers risk-free, lightning fast and docility to regulate traditional websites with the support of Acquia, Pantheon, 1&1.

What does Drupal 8 offers?

1. Remove the complexity for editing –

The efficiency in working with Drupal 8 is beyond par. Easy drag and drop images, agility in responsiveness of website with the handheld and other smart devices. Convenience in making on road changes, with context editing using defined tools simplifies the construction of a website for the Drupal developers.

2. Liberation from coding –

Tailoring admin tools simultaneously altering blocks, lists, and much more while creating your website with Drupal 8. This revised version of Drupal relieves from the restraint of the coding process to build the website. The SEO friendly platform incorporates Schema.org markup for expanding the delicacy to create content.

3. Connect with the audience –


Drupal 8 has come up with more advancement in reaching those with certain disabilities. Drupal have adopted Semantic HTML5 and technical specification in WAI-ARIA for interplay and compelling context. It has reshaped the visibility with dynamic colors, contrast, and font to elevate the delightful user experience. 

4. Configure Storage for better deployment –

With Drupal UI, Drush, it is possible to configure the data into YAML file with version control. Overriding is also possible into. PHP file with the config setting in the new Drupal 8 also you can store data globally and interchanging the same under UUID environment. Using the configuration schema will allow the data integrity persistently between distribution and updates. 

5. Dependency management for efficient and speedy work –

The composer is the key feature that allows Drupal 8 to fetch components required to build project effectively installing and updating from the library. There have been 10 or more inbuilt components for better performance, flexibility, and quick resolution with ClassLoader, HttpKernel, DependencyInjection, Routing and many more.

6. Drupal 8 for integration –


Drupal 8 supports native application tools that can allow you to run email campaigns or post over social web portals. With the dynamic service modules – RESTful, Serialization, Hypertext Application Language (HAL), and HTTP Basic Authentication get integrated control over resources and accessibility.      
Although, Drupal 8 gives you 100 languages for understanding globally which is a great variant to using the unfamiliar tools for transliteration. The terrific multilingual feature lets developer choose a language for himself, administration, and the user.

Customizing has never been easy and smooth with Drupal in advance of Drupal 8 Module. The robust toolkit reloaded with modules for a highly interactive, break-free, secured accessibility for building a website to the great user experience. Therefore, reform your website with the help of these Drupal 8 modules enlisted below.

1. Pathauto –  


This module is an automatic generator of the URL/Path aliases. This eliminates the ancient technique of manually editing the paths of aliases. The token-based pattern is followed by the system in the respective module which can be altered. 

2. Libraries API –  

This has dominated the multitude of reasons for installing various libraries suitable for drupal.org. This module store library commonly in “sites/all/libraries resp. “sites/<domain>/libraries “ 

3. Entity API –

This module provides a consolidated form accord with entities. Also, it helps in simplification of new entities is awarded the support of CRUD controller providing an entity generic functionality.

4. jQuery Update –

This module as the name depicts updates the version of the jQuery in Drupal.

5. Webform –

This module allows form and survey making in Drupal. It also offers an extensive API feature for statistical review and survey reports can be uploaded to the spreadsheets enabling sharing.

6. Administrator Menu –

Administration Menu

A navigating interface for those not acquainted with Drupal.  Enriched with CSS/JS menu bar showing tasks and actions that could be easily accessed which is useful for developers and site builders.

7. Date –


This flexible module that could be shared with other modules comes with the Date field and Date API functionality in core. The latest version of this module does not require the content construction kit (CCK) to function this module.

8. IMCE –


This module enables exchange or transfers images/ files to your website. IMCE enables site builders to fetch personal directories and quota in customizing. 

9. Google Analytics –

Google Analytics

This advanced module can track miscellaneous dimension with access denying of tracking, page not found (404), also there is another support provided by Google Analytics - It tracks Selective, single/multiple, files, User ID, changed URL fragments within page views. It also helps aid AdSense, Tokens with custom dimension and metrics, Interests and demographics, link attribute, DoNotTrack, Site Search enabling customize code snippets. With analytics_debug.js you can run into a debug mode as well as Drupal messages monitoring.

10. CKEditor – WYSIWYG HTML Editor –


The updated version of the module FCKeditor which is much more agile. With the lesser number of overloaded files, the HTTP request functions lesser.

11. Link –  

This module allows customization of the external and internal links and URLs. The exclusive feature of the Link module encourages input conversions, target attributes, CSS class attribute, side wide token for titles, static repeating values, with validating and storing avenues.                                                                                                                                                               
12. Backup and Migrate –

backup and migrate

The most important module required to save and restore your database. With this module, you can migrate your compressed files over environment’s in bzip and zip, gzip code, Drupal MySQL database that could automatic scheduled backups.

13. Rules –

This flexible module ensuring actions to execute continuously. Majorly it allows customization of emails, messages, breadcrumbs and content publishing on the e-commerce using Ubercart.



To ensure the security from the spambots that throw an automated script, CAPTCHA blocks the spam content posts.

15. Features –  


The feature enables satisfaction of user-case, therefore, to ensure the management, the feature module configures the program updates, checking and reverting. This module assorts building components of UI and API into a single feature.

16. View Bulk Operations (VBO) –  

Views Bulk Operations

This module enacts the display of the bulk operations in a row using Drupal Core or Rules. They display checkboxes for operations to apply and reactive. 

We here bring down the curtain –

Start giving your creative business a hand with Drupal 8, which is the enhanced and advanced version. The betterment in the updated modules allow the Drupal developer or the site builders with less hassle and lever the use of assorted tools for building a tremendous website. Therefore, customize your site with these modules for better performance and UX.



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