10 Misconceptions about Drupal that You Should Know

10 Misconceptions about Drupal that You Should Know

Drupal’s content management system (CMS) is preferred by many business owners and developers the framework handles billions of calls every day. It is worldwide accepted as a comfortable to use, progressive and favored framework.

Drupal is a highly customizable framework and can be easily integrated it with other apps like SAP, phpBB etc. Drupal provides several functionalities like user management, graphics tool management, poll management and much more.

Under Drupal, there are more than 130 government websites like whitehouse.gov and it is depended upon numerous respected higher education institutions including US’s top universities.

However, being such a powerful CMS Drupal is still surrounded by misconceptions. This article will clarify all the misconceptions and will reveal the true power of Drupal. Here are some of the major misconceptions.


Drupal is meant for simple sites like blogs

Big sites like GE and NBC are built on Drupal and they are not simple sites another example is weather's site, it has 20 million pages of content which are managed with Drupal. The weather channel is with Drupal for two years.

The Grammy’s website is using Drupal in the last three years and handled 460 million hits on the night of 26th January 2014. Like this, some of the internet’s most popular sites are built on Drupal CMS and the technology is capable enough to handle incoming visits of any number.


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More than 130 nations around the world are Drupal’s customer and use version 7 or 8. Top universities of US including Stanford, Princeton, and Harvard use Drupal. Drupal is a hybrid of an application and framework which has the capacity and flexibility to build anything of varying complexities that you can imagine on the web. According to industry researchers,

Drupal is still one of the most popular choices for enterprise website. Drupal is easy to install and requires less resource that makes it ideal for small as well as large websites. With the help of thousand modules, it is an easy task to enhance the functionality of any website.


Drupal is more expensive than its competitors Softwares

The most important thing to remember when looking for a budget website is that Drupal doesn’t come with a license fee like its competitor’s software. There is some overstatement about the cost of Adobe vs Drupal website development.


Technical support is absent

Drupal is Acquia certified which means Acquia is responsible for the certification of Drupal developers across the world. Knowledgeable Drupal developers can be found almost anywhere to answer the queries, no matter how technical the subject matter.

Many firms offer dedicated Drupal support. So that you have a long list of options available which can keep your site maintained secure and growing.


Drupal is not secure

Is Drupal Secure

Since it’s an open source CMS people thinks that Drupal is not secure which is not true. Drupal is believed by more than 130 nations to handle their government websites. This includes United States state’s department, Bureau of educational and cultural affairs. The fact that government organizations frequently use Drupal to construct their websites is an evidence to the CMS and open source software as a whole.

The truth is the Drupal community takes security very seriously. The CMS has a dedicated security team made up of 30 individuals whose sole focus is to make Drupal the most secure CMS available. Open source code has a culture of transparency because every developer is working on the same base framework.

With more than 28,000 Drupal developers in the world security vulnerabilities are often discovered and patched within the community before ever appearing outside the walled garden of development. Then the patch gets dispersed within the community to ensure vulnerabilities can’t be exploited.

The open source’s transparency and seamless connectivity make it tough for vulnerabilities to originate outside of the community. Drupal’s security team is focused on making the most secure CMS. Drupal has an unmatchable track record regarding security and its advisories are being sent out on a regular basis. Then also, there is nothing that guarantees 100% secure software.


Drupal is limited with its design

Drupal is a combination of HTML, CSS, and PHP which means it can be designed according to the preferences. It is easy to make the website look like anything you want. Drupal has thousands of free themes available for use which allows you to change the look and feel of the website. With the data stored in the database, separating content and functionality from the design, you can switch easily between different themes.


Drupal’s upgrades are unpredictable

There was a case with Drupal 7 where update release cycle schedule was not strictly followed. But with the latest version of Drupal 8, the new upgrades are clearer with a well-defined release cycle schedule.

Drupal’s community is continuously working on a new version of a well-defined roadmap. Many new modules are created by the community every day. Being an open source framework, Drupal provides high-quality technical advances.


Drupal demands superhuman coding skills

Let’s compare proprietary software and Drupal once again. In the proprietary web, CMS products may have 100 developers working on their platform. On the other hand, Drupal community has 28,000 people on its development team. The huge ecosystem of Drupal and steep manpower behind this CMS allows the user to innovate and build websites faster than any other competitor software.

Using Drupal as a CMS inspires non-technical people to manage content, modules, and users through the administrative UI. Website tasks like creating content or updating user accounts are handled through the administrative Graphical User Interface (GUI), which allows almost anyone to manage all aspects of a Drupal website. The WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) editor available with Drupal is far better than other CMS’s WYSIWYGs.


Drupal is not SEO friendly

SEO Friendly

Many site owners believe that Drupal doesn’t have great functionalities. But the major reason behind SEO degradation is the wrong implementation of Drupal functionalities. Drupal’s URLs are clean and easily readable and it can be separated by slashes and hyphens.

The Yoast SEO service made for Drupal module can be easily implemented with search engine reporting, analysis and optimization tools for any Drupal sites. There are many Drupal modules that can help to optimize the website for search engines.


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Drupal is not scalable

Many users think that Drupal can’t handle the enterprise-scale website. But the truth is that Drupal successfully powers technology in the enterprise, operating systems beyond the content management system. Grammy. com has been powered by Drupal for 3 years and received more than 460 million hits on the night of 2014 Grammy’s.

As indicated by the weather channel Drupal scales efficiently and thoroughly. It is one of top 20 websites in terms of traffic and it uses Drupal’s CMS to handle a large number of visitors and their access to content.

In 2012 during hurricane sandy, the MTA website 30,000 concurrent visitors per second, assisting more than 5 million people in getting the instant information they needed during a crisis.

Drupal’s core installation is scalable for 99% use cases while free tools exist to cover the remaining 1% of cases. For Drupal, no job is too big.


Drupal is hard to learn

Up to an extent, it is true that Drupal requires some technical background. But then also it is so powerful like no other CMS (WordPress). Wordpress is much easier to use as compared to Drupal but WordPress is nothing in front of the mighty Drupal. It is a fully-fledged Content Management Framework (CMF) that comes with many functionalities out of the box.

Drupal presents a devoted administrative theme which simplifies the management of any website. Once, you learn to develop with Drupal and harness its power you won’t use any other CMS.



So, the bottom line is that Drupal CMS is the strong, flexible and confident framework that makes it the most preferred choice of developers and business owners for creating amazing websites. Drupal is continued to be chosen by enterprise web applications because of the framework’s robust expansibility and functionality. The community-driven support is still a key selling point for the software, as is its open source history.


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